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Sunday, February 2, 2014


Hi my friends!  I know you all probably think I am the biggest flake!  I have had so many life's ups and downs over the past couple months.  First in November my husband had shoulder surgery.  He's already back to work and doing fine...Praise God!  On November 21st my mother in law came to visit for Thanksgiving.  She got pneumonia while she was here and hospitalized in our hospital.  Ten days later she was sent to a larger hospital in Reno and was placed in ICU.  They discovered a lung disease that she didn't know she had.  They gave her 2 days to 2 months to live.  On January 3rd she was able to come to our home under hospice care and home health care.  She was totally bed ridden. On January 7th she passed away.  I feel that she was waiting to be with family that cared and at home instead of in the hospital.  This has been a very difficult time for us.  She was so full of vitality before she got the pneumonia.  She golfed, was the bingo caller at her park in AZ, helped tend to the gardens down there, and swam every day.  She was truly loved, blessed our lives, and will be missed greatly.

Remember the posts I was doing of the heritage pages of the book that I made for her 75th birthday?  Well here are 2 more. 
The next set of pages in the book are of my mother-in-law's maternal grandparents.  She was so blessed to have so many wonderful photos and I was so blessed to be able to scrap them for her.  Because of this I was able to get in touch with some relatives that I had met but never really gotten to know.What a blessing that is! Her Aunt Patty and Uncle Rudy were a terrific help with telling me stories about their parents. 

On the middle page I included a fold out that has all of the names and information on thier children. They had 12 of them! The bottom picture is one of the few pictures we have of her grandfather.  I included a copy of a newspaper clipping that told of their marriage. 

I will try to get more pages up shortly and maybe another tutorial or two.  We will just see what life brings my way.  I hope you are encouraged to preserve the pictures and stories of your past.  We never know when we won't be able to ask our families about their life and what they know of our heritage.

May your days be blessed with love and family.



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Toqua's Crafts said...

I am so sorry about Scott's mom. I think it is wonderful you have scrapped about the history of the family.