Honey Bunch

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What  beautiful weather we are having.  It was sunshine and warmth today...and oh these old bones just totally enjoyed it. (Let me first of all clarify something ....I am not old...just my bones! )  Let's hope this weather is here to stay!

Today I am going to bring you the genealogy pages that I created for the Heritage Album.  The papers I used are from the Karen Foster Ancestry Collection.  I bought mine a long time ago but they are still available at scrapbook.com

Sorry I have blocked out the family information, but because of identity theft these days you can't be too careful.  I really didn't do a lot to this page other than add a "Family " Gem Sticker and a definition sticker that came with the Ancestry collection.  But this may give you an idea of how you can do your own genealogy in a book.

This page has a picture of my mother in law's Great Great Grandparents on her maternal side.  Her Great Grandmother is the last woman in the back row.  The story of how this photo came into our possession is a very interesting one and I hope that I can retell it correctly.

My husband's aunt and her daughter took a vacation to Nebraska to see if they could find any information on this side of the family as we really did not know alot.  While there they visited grave yards, and several small towns that they knew the family was from.  While visiting with a person in the store, the clerk thought that one of their family members was still alive, and gave them an address.  Well they were elated to maybe have found a link!  So they went to find this person (forgive me for not remembering who it was), when they got to the address they found out that person they were looking for had passed away.  But.....there was another family member still living in this county.  This non relative called our family member and told them what was happening.  They were invited over and that is how they attained a copy of this picture and all this information!  What a wonderful happen-stance that was! 

On this page I used the Victorian Romance Cricut Cartridge for the images of the man and woman.  I wrinkled and water distressed the background page for the family information, using Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Ink to give it some accentuation.  I believe the cut for the family sign was made with Close to My Heart's Art Philosophy.  I also added a few brads and a button tied with embroidery floss for accents.

My closing thoughts are this:  Seek out the unknown...you never know what happy surprises may come your way.




Micupoftea~ said...

What a blessing to know family history and to have details and photos. We know very little and have no photos, nor anyone to ask. I don't fully trust online genealogy sites because there are different ways to spell surnames, big gaps in the records, etc.Thx for visiting my blog, Becky. HAPPY April :)

Sharon Fritchey said...

Oh Becky! These page are so amazing! They look beautiful and will made wonderful additions to your album! Thanks for sharing them with us! And for visiting my blog, too!