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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Stampin Up Star Tutorial adapted for Cricut

Hello everyone!  I don't know if you remember that gorgeous Christmas Star Ornament that was featured on the front of the Stampin Up Holiday Mini Catalog.

If not here is a link to the tutorial on you tube.

You will want to use this video to help you along with the process of putting these together.

Well I really got to thinking that this could be done using the Cricut, so  I just had to try!

First let me give you a list of supplies that you will need to make this.

Machines I used:
Cricut Expression
Sizzix Big Shotz
Martha Stewart Scoring Board

Good adhesive
1 Sheet Double sided Patterned Card stock ( I used the paper from SEI Alpine Frost Collection)
4"x12" Piece of Coordinating Card stock or Patterned Card stock for rosette.
Bakers Twine in coordinating Color
Scoring tool
Pop Dots
20" of a 3-4" Wide Tulle ( I found mine at a dollar store!)
 2 Buttons and Small Rhinestones

For your pieces you will need to find 2 different oblong shapes to cut on your Cricut.

I used:
 Art Philosophy Ornament 2 (Page 47 in the book)
Christmas/Noel Solutions Ornament 1 Cut in the black out option.
2-3" Circle  I used the Art Philosophy Snowflake 2 (Page 27 in the book)

With the Paper Saver Option on
Using your double sides patterned card stock cut 15 of ornament 2 from Art Philosophy at 2".
Without removing your paper cut 15 of ornament 1 at 3" from the Christmas/Noel Solutions.
Again Without removing your paper, Cut a 2" Snowflake from the Art Philosophy; then cut a second snowflake at 1-1/4 inch.

Step 2. Score along center of each ornament shape.
 Step 3 Fold on score lines and adhere together as shown below using the 5 sided snowflake as your base to form a star.  When adhering the smaller ornaments together make sure the other side of the patterned paper is to the top.

Next Cut your Tulle into 5- 4" pieces.
 Fold and scrunch. Add in between the star points. I used hot glue on this part.
 Add your smaller ornament to the top of these.  Make a rosette using the Tim Holtz Bigz Die and adhere to the center.  Take your Baker's twine make it into a large bow, then adhere to the center of the rosette.
 Take your button and rhinestone, adhere to the top of the bow.


I forgot to take a picture, but I adhered the smaller snowflake on the back in the center of the larger snowflake using pop dots and adhered a button and rhinestone to the center of it.

So there you have it.  That gorgeous star adapted for the Cricut!

I hope you have fun making these.  I just couldn't help but to do a whole bunch!



Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Santa Magic Key with Tutorial

I know I may be rushing the Holiday season a little and I hear some of you groaning that we just got finished with Halloween, haven't even had Thanksgiving....and here she is posting about Santa!!!  Well the reason for this post is that I wanted to share a quick little tutorial on some "Santa's Magic Keys" that I made recently.  I wanted to give you the time to be able to maybe make some for your little ones too!

I found the poem on http://santalettertemplates.com/2012/09/18/create-your-own-magic-santa-key/
There are other poems that you may want to explore on Pinterest

For this project you will need to have a Sizzix Big Shot Machine,

Sizzix Die: Key and Keyhole which I purchased from Amazon

A Tag Die or Cricut Cartridge with a Tag cut


Small Bells

Ribbon 10"piece of 1/2-1 inch wide ribbon; 9" piece of 1/4 - 3/8" wide ribbon for hanger

2"x12" piece of Printed Paper

2"x12" piece of medium weight chipboard (Can be purchased through JoAnn's)

Once you have cut your paper and chipboard to a 2" strip adhere the patterned paper to one side of chipboard. Make sure you cover the entire area with adhesive.  Placing the die near the top of the strip of paper and chipboard run this through your Big Shot. Turn your paper over and place the opposite end near the top of the die and run through again.  You should now have 2 keys - that is an oh duh moment huh?  Using a strong adhesive, place the keys together with the chipboard sides facing each other.  Your key is now made!  

Attach the ribbon, bells and any other embellishments to the center of the key.  

Cut out your tag at a 4 1/4" size, and using any computer program you wish, type up and print the poem to a size of a wallet photograph.  Attach the poem to your tag, add your eyelet, and ribbon stringing it through the top of the key.

Now how easy was that! I was thinking these could really be embellished in so many ways! 

I hope you understood this little tutorial...as always if you have any questions please feel free to ask!



Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cards and more Cards

Hi there my friends! 
Thank you for being so patient with me .I hope you are enjoying the fall season and the cooler temperatures.   Well as we all know World Card Making Day was just a little while ago...and yes I did get busy and make some cards...thanks to a little online nudge from my friends at The Crop Room.  There were several challenges issued that we could choose from.  My one wish is that I would have had the time to do more.

As always my Cricut Expression is humming along beside me as I create almost anything anymore, as well as my Sizzix Big Shot.  These are two of my most loved tools...and I now wonder how I created without them! 

Without further adieu...

I want to thank the managers over at The Crop Room for all their hard work and effort that they put in to host this event for our tight knit little group of friends.

If  you have any questions as to what products I used on any of these cards.....PLEASE ASK!

May today finding you in awe at the color of the season...or frolicking through the leaves with childlike abandon!



Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gone too long, let me explain

Hello friends and family,

I am so sorry for not being around.  Life seems to continue to change constantly in my little world.  I have been struggling this year.  I decided to come clean to my followers here in the blogging community.  Sometimes we just have to let others know...even though we have been trying to maintain that smiling face online.

Some of you may know that I have been struggling since 1997 with a disability.  In December of 1997...Dec. 17th to be exact, a date I'll never forget, when my life took an upside down turn.  I was laying in bed when all of a sudden I was having trouble moving and trouble with my speech.  I also had some tremors.  My husband rushed me to the hospital.  By the time we reached there (only a 10 minute drive) I was able to walk again and my speech was getting better. The Dr. on call did a number of tests and blood  tests.  There was no conclusive answer.  I was ordered to go to my regular Dr. as soon as possible.  The day I went to see him I was fine.  He ordered the tests to check my arteries in my throat and head.  These came back normal.  I was then sent to a neurologist that specialized in seizures.  Everything there was checking out OK, and I was told this was conversion disorder.  In other words it was a psychosomatic problem.

I continued to struggle with these episodes coming and going, and decided to go to the Mayo Clinic in AZ. in Sept the following year. Of course they run you through tests for every part of your body!  When this was completed I was told I had inverted migraines.  A migraine that instead of being pain in your head, that your body took this pain and threw it throughout your body causing pain and other neurological complications.  I went on migraine medications which did nothing for me.

I then began seeing other neurologists, and I had a new general practitioner as mine had moved.  He sent me to a Neuro-Psychologist.  Who I believe helped me more than anyone had.  She helped me to see that no this was not in my head, that it was real, but that I was going to be OK.  She gave me a lot of coping skills.

I also went to several other neurologists over the course of the years, had tons of MRIs, EEGs, spinal taps, every test that you can think of, but no positive answers and no medications that truly helped me.  I believe it was in 2002 that I again had another neurologist give me the diagnosis of Dystonia.  After looking this up and what it was I thought well it sort of fits.  So maybe we have it right.  I was on medications of muscle relaxers, anxiety drugs, and pain pills. Did some of these medications help,  yes.  But the symptoms did not go away.

Last fall and winter my disability was really raising it's ugly little head and wreaking havoc on my body almost daily.  My neurologist that I had been seeing was no longer accepting my insurance, so I had to find someone new.  I found another neurologist in December, but he turned out to be what I would call a joke.  And I felt like he wasn't listening to me or taking me seriously.  I was getting totally discouraged that I would never find answers or relief.

With lots of prayer and through a turn of events with my daughter in law in Las Vegas. she encouraged me to come to Vegas and see her new pain specialist.  I thought what else have I got to lose?  So  I called and set up an appointment.  WOW! I can only Thank God for bringing this Dr. into my life.  He diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia.   He sent me for 4 MRI's of my total head, neck and spine.  They are finding some difficulty with areas in my back because of these.  However, he felt that there still could be something neurologically going on with me and sent me to a Neurologist who I truly think is great!  Through much testing we have ruled out all of the scary stuff like MS, Parkinson's, Lupus, etc.  My new found neurologist feels that I could possibly have Fibroneuropathy along with the fibromyalgia, but the drugs I am on now "Cymbalta" is what they would prescribe, so he felt that doing the testing at this time wouldn't change anything that is already being done.

With the new medication I am not in as much pain as I was, but that doesn't mean I don't have days that flare up and cause me to do nothing, or sleep all day.  LOL!  So if I am not here as much you will know why.  Of course sometimes it is just because I am enjoying life and enjoying my grand babies.

If you would like more information on Fibromyalgia you can go here:
Prohealth what is Fibromyalgia

and here are some blogs I have found that may help: ( I have not visited to all of them)


PS.  Did you know that Purple and the Butterfly are symbols of Fibromyagia?
I didn't either.  So wear a purple banner with a butterfly once in a while to show your support of
Chronic Pain Diseases.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

William and Ethel Burger

Thank you for the congrats and best wishes to my son and new daughter- in- law! 

Today I want to first show you Page 2 of the Little Darlings Tutorial.  No Tutorial here just the adjoining page.  And then  I will post the next set of pages for the heritage book.
I had each of the children write a letter to their mom to include on the pages.  I used a sketch from the Att boys and girls 5 ways challenge over on scrapbook .com  However with that said...there were two sketches to choose from and I think I sort of intermingled the two to get this one! 
 Her letter reads:


I just wanted to say Thank You! Thank you for always being there when I needed you and for letting me try on my own when I needed to. You always picked me up when I fell, kissed me and made me try again and were patient enough to wait for me to be ready to go again. Thank you for teaching me right from wrong (even having Dad help out with that when needed. I know now how hard that was since I have been there myself). Thank you for showing me the power of God and the church in my life. Thank you for caring for our home and family. No one ever saw you do anything but everything was always done and I never heard you complain. Thank you for giving us every opportunity to succeed and the certainty that you would be there if we failed or would be cheering if we were successful.
Thank you for showing my children the love of a Grandmother. Thank you for teaching me how to be a mom, not just the loving part but the basics (how to bathe them, feed them, and see if there tears were real or not). Thank you for showing them a taste of the outside world, for giving them the desire to explore. Thank you for sharing our trips to Florida, for sharing the joy and the angst of watching Sean play. You kept me from having heart failure except when I had to keep you from beating someone up for talking
bad about our team!
Thank you for the hugs, the unconditional love, for giving so much of yourself. Thank you for yanking me back into line when I needed it. Thank you for being my Mom!
I love you so very much. I have so many memories of love filled holidays and meals, of you being there for our games and concerts, our good grades and bad, for standing up for us when others attacked and made us stand up for what is right, for sharing our joys and our sorrows.
You have done so much for me, been so much to
me, I can never say thank you enough. Just know that I appreciate everything you have done and given up for all of us.

I Love You

Ramona (your favorite child!)

Here are the next 3 pages these are my mother in law's grandparents on the paternal side. 

This photo is one of them taken in the 1950's amidst Grandma's gladiola and flower garden!  Look at those flowers!  They were the talk of the town back then!

I used Webster's Pages Paper and embellishments, the journal block came from a stamp set from Close to My Heart as did the little crocheted flower, and added a pearl flourish, and  a few small pearls. The border punch is from EK Success. 
The top photo is a picture of them taken in 1917, the middle photo is one of the last photos of Grandma Burger, and the bottom photo is the only photo I could find with the entire family together.
Again I used Webster Pages, an embossing folder from Tim Holtz, a Cricut die cut from the Art Philosophy Cartridge, and some lace that I received in a swap that was hosted by Martica at scrapbook.com

This final photo shows a picture of Grandma Burger when she was younger riding horses at a ranch just outside of Buena Vista, Colorado.  The middle picture is a picture of the home they owned and then eventually my mother-in-law's parents bought from them, and the bottom picture is a 4 Generation picture of my mother-in-law's Great Grandma Tower, Grandma Burger, Her dad, and her as a baby.

This is the journaling for the last page

William and Ethel Burger grew up in Nebraska. William had the nickname of “Dink”.  We are unsure as to the date of their marriage but we know that they were married in Hall County, Nebraska.

In their first years of marriage William worked for the local fire department as a fire man and their driver. He got to drive the horse pulled fire wagon that was pulled by a beautiful team of white horses.  When the fire department bought a fire truck he was very proud that he got to drive that as well.  Once the depression hit work became scarce and they were forced to travel around looking for work. William became a “jack of all trades” trying to support his family.  They traveled throughout Kansas, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. Of course during this time Ethel did not work outside the home and joined him along with their children in the travels.  He finally gained employment with the Union Pacific Railroad in Wyoming.  In 1934 William went to work for the Climax Mine in Climax, Colorado, where he stayed until his retirement.  While living in Climax Ethel became employed at the restaurant there.  They eventually moved to Buena Vista, Colorado and bought the family home on 502 S.  Gunnison Ave.

While living in Buena Vista Ethel continued to work as a cook working for The Buena Vista Hotel, Tising’s Restaurant located on Hwy. 24 and The Green Parrot Restaurant & Bar on Main St.  Ethel enjoyed gardening and especially loved her gladiolas….which were always the talk of the town when they were in bloom.  Upon her death William called his son Albert who was living in Leadville and told him that if he wanted to buy the property in Buena Vista he had better do it now or he was selling it.  Albert did buy the property, raised his family in that little log cabin home, and lived there until he passed away in 1990.

I hope you enjoyed this little walk through my husband's heritage.  I am hoping that the family will enjoy coming and seeing it here!  There's still more to follow!



Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ryan and Rikki

Hi my friends!  Today was a wonderful day filled with love!  My youngest son got married!  It was a very small ceremony held at the court house.  But love was in the air.  So I must share some photos of this special day in my life with you. 

A photo of the bride and her son  the ring bearer.  Can you tell he is 5 and loves to make those faces for the photos.

Our Son with us hanging out before the ceremony
This was taken while they were exchanging the rings!  Too cute!
Just a couple of photos that I love!

Thank You for letting me share this day with you!
May each of our days be filled with lots of love and new beginnings.
I'll be back in a few days with some more of those heritage pages!


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Little Darlings Mojo Monday Sketch Tutorial

Hi my friends!  It does feel so good to be back to blogging. It  feels like I am maybe contributing something to this world.  :) 

As I told you I would share the layout that I created using Flying Unicorn's Mojo Monday sketch with a tutorial to go along with it. So without further adieu....let's get started. 

First let me give you your supply list.  Now Remember you don't have to have the exact supplies on hand...your layout may be a total different theme than mine. 

I am using the beautiful...and sadly discontinued...Graphic 45 Little Darling Paper Collection.

Let's start with the paper.  These are all 12x12 sheets.

You will need:
1 sheet Peachy Pink Colored Card stock (or the color that goes with your papers.
1 sheet French Vanilla Bazzill Card stock (or other similar off white or white)
2 Sheets Graphic 45 Little Darlings Little Treasures or 2 sheets of a double sided paper
2 Sheets Graphic 45 Peek-a-Boo paper or 2 sheets of a second patterned double sided paper
1 Sheet Graphic 45 Heaven Sent Paper or 1 sheet of a third patterned double sided paper
1 Sheet of Graphic 45 Baby Borders Paper or a 1/2" strip of a patterned paper, ribbon, or card stock.

Tim Holtz Antique Linen
*Close to My Heart White Daisy Ink
*Close to My Heart Blush Pink
*Tim Holtz Ink Applicator Tool

Border Punch:  I used the EK Success Medallion Border Punch...but any border punch or an decorative edge stencil will work too!

*I had to create the color for my card stock as I did not have the right color on hand, plus I want the mottled texture...so if you aren't going to be altering your card stock you will only need the Antique Linen.

Circle Template: 7" and 6 3/4" or use your Cricut.

Let's get started we will get to all the embellishments later.

Let me show you the sketch from the Flying Unicorn again and my Layout. This sketch was created by the ever talented Alda Stevens.

Have you got all of your basic supplies out...you know scissors, paper cutter, glue dots, adhesive, edge distresser?

STEP 1-Creating the Inked Background Card stock

My first step was to ink the peach card stock because it just was too peach and didn't have enough pink hue to it.  So taking the 3 stamp pads, your Tim Holtz Applicator Tool start with the Blush Pink Ink.  Starting on the outside edge of your page bring your ink in ....(Make sure you have a piece of paper or a non stick crafting mat under your work for this step.)

This isn't a very good picture.  Sorry folks. 

I always like to go all the way around the outside edge of my page and then move inward rotating the page around as I go until I get into the center.  But there is no right or wrong way...up and down, side to side, or around the page.  Just ink it. I use a place and swirl motion as I go along the page.  Remember  this is not meant to be perfect...just to be fun!

Then take the White Daisy Ink and Repeat.
Finish the inking with the Antique Linen. 

You can continue to layer as much or as little as you want with these inks until you get the tone you want.
This photo shows you where I started from and where I ended up.

This photo shows you the card stock I started with, the after photo with the Graphic 45 Peek-a-boo paper that I was trying to match.  I know that these photos aren't the best.  But hopefully you can see that the page I inked has a more pink blush feel rather than the orange tone it had.
Step 2 - Cutting your papers

Cut a 7" Circle from the Card stock you have just created.  Cut this close to a corner as you can get that way you will still have paper left for other things.
Cut a 6 3/4" Circle from the Peek-a-Boo paper (the faces and gingham).
Distress the edges using and edge distressing tool.  If you don't have an edge distressing tool this can also be accomplished with using the blade side of  your scissor, by rubbing the edge of the paper. 
The distressing should create a sort of fuzzy edge.  If you have distressed it a lot and get little tears...good for you!  Just a little bit more shabby.

Cut a 2 1/2" Strip from Heaven's Treasures (the butterflies) so that the butterflies are right side up and running horizontally.  Lightly distress the edges.

Cut 2 1/4" strips for banners:  One from Heaven's Sent - make sure your stripes are going vertically
and one from Little Treasures.  Cut the Little Treasures to a 7" Length, and the Heaven's Sent to a 6" length.

Making the banner.  Take one end, lightly folding in center, making sure outside edges are even.

 Cut at an angle.
Sorry for the camera blur I was trying to hold with my right hand and take the photo with my left!

Slightly distress the edges so the white shows.
Next Cut a border strip from the border strip paper.  I used the top strip just under the Graphic 45 Informational Strip.  or you can cut a 1/2"x12 inch piece from your paper.  A 1/2" ribbon could also be used here.

 Step 4: Punch

Punch a 12" length using the French Vanilla Card stock.  Place this in your paper cutter and cut in half lengthwise.

Step 5: Placement
I placed my center strip at the 8" mark.  So to determine banner placement I laid my center strip and circles on my layout.

Tuck the banners under your center strip bringing them almost to the top of your center strip.

Now remove your top layers and adhere banners..out adhesive only on the top leaving the rest of the banners free.   Tip:  You could make a light pencil mark as to where your banner outer corners and top were so you can get them back in place when you pick them up.
Attach the 2 1/2" Center Strip over the page.  At this point if you like to sew on your page do it now. 
Tip:  If you haven't ever sewn on your pages with a sewing machine and would like to try....when sewing on paper adjust your stitch length a little longer.  My machine's setting is 2.5 mm standard and I adjust it to a 3.5mm.
Adhere your punched scallop border strips butting them up tightly to the center border strip.  The bottom is a little tricky as you have to lift  the banners to get them into place.
Adhere your circles together....leave your adhesive in aways from the outside edge so if you want to tuck little embellishments later on you can.  Attach to your background.  Note:  The circle is not exactly centered.
Cut the little border strip at approximately 4 1/2 inches and 1 1/2 inches.  Measure from your circle to your outside page to be sure you have enough length. ( I cut mine in these pieces so I still have a second 6" piece to use on an adjoining page.)  Adhere and tuck the one end under the circle so it looks like it is running all the way through. 
Cut a 6-1/4 inch x 4-1/4 inch piece of French Vanilla.  Distress the edges.  Ink the edges in Antique Linen. You may need to go around more than once to achieve the desired color.  Tip: I use the finger sponge daubers and have found that if I flick from the back to the front on inking it keeps those distressed edges standing up.
Adhere Photo to mat centering it. 
Adhere photo mat to circle - notice it is off center a bit.
Sorry the photo is crooked! :)



Woo Hoo! you have just complete the background for this page! Get up and move around...take a bow, pat yourself on the back...clap, whatever!!!
Let's Embellish!
This part always seems to take me the longest. I just start pulling out whatever I can think of that matches my papers and in this case shouts girl! So just start pulling your embellishments that will go with your papers. Isn't fun to use up your stash?
For this page I used: 2 Prima Tea Roses Santa Rosa, 2 Prima Belle Artes Prose, Silk Roses from Creative Moments that I got on clearance somewhere, 2 Recollections Mulberry Paper Roses in an Aqua color, 5 Micro Minis Mix Innocence Buttons by Dress It Up, 4 Pastel Mini Buttons by Favorite Findings. 1 Clear "Sweet" Embellishment Disc, 1 Peach Feather, 1 Pkg. (2pc) Recollections small Pearl Flourishes, 1 Pkg. Close To My Heart Pearls, DMC Embroidery Floss Color #3713 using 3 strands.

Referring to the sketch I created 2 clusters of 5 flowers/elements. Tip: When designing clusters use odd numbers for a pleasing effect. I learned this from a friend when I was doing floral arrangements.



Now begin adding your buttons in a scattered pattern. along each side of the photo. See above photo right.   Bear with me here....if you want to add the floss to your tiny buttons let me show an easy way to do it. 

 I take the embroidery floss and divide it down to 3 strands.  And of course thread it just like you would if you were going to tie it on top.

photo 2:

Taking a hold of the threads with your index finger and thumb with my opposite hand that aren't attached to the needle. Lay that little button on top of your finger.  Photo 3: Take the needle under the threads and pull.  Repeat.  Repeat this for all buttons.

Oh my do I need a manicure!!!!
To create the bottom accent corner I tore the paper slightly in and rolled it to one side....well if you actually look close I tore the whole piece out and glued it back in!    To create the butterfly I had a sheer five petal flower.  I took the top petal, added a glue dot to the top and folded in half, and turned back so it was in between the other four petals to form the body, and glue dotted it down..add a small pearl for the head...and there you have it a butterfly.  Attach this near the inside edge of your torn paper. 
Now take your flourishes.  Place 1 flourish under the bottom flower cluster, take your second flourish and cut it...creating a smaller flourish and longer one.  Place the smaller one at the top flower cluster and the longer one as a tail for the butterfly.
Add your title.  I used a 2" x 2-3/4" piece of chipboard that I covered with card stock, filing the edges of the card stock smooth and inking the edges with Tim Holtz Antique Linen Ink.  Adhering it with pop dots for an added dimension. For one last added touch I took the tiny pearls and added them to the center of the motif in that little border strip.
ta-da! A Page Complete!  I hope you had FUN!  Any questions...just ask.  Now go post your Layout at The Flying Unicorn...join in!