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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Springtime with the Grandkids!

I know that my posts have been filled with my bath remodel and questions...and yes we have one more to go!  But to show you that I do have a life I wanted to share some of the pictures that I took with my grandchildren last weekend. 

We had so much fun!  Since this Grandma was sick over Easter we did not get to color eggs on the normal time schedule. I really felt bad about it because  I just love celebrating the holidays with my grandchildren and getting to do all of those fun things that bring joy into our lives.  But I remembered as a child I asked my mom why we colored eggs.  And her response was, "We color eggs to celebrate Spring and New Life!"  Not really anything to do with the Easter Bunny and the normal view on coloring eggs.  So with that memory it made me realize that as long as it is Spring we can color eggs! 

Of course what is coloring eggs without a Egg Hunt!  I kept the little ones occupied inside while Papa went out and hid the eggs in the backyard.  Just about the time we got ready to go on the hunt it began to rain!  But a little bit of water wasn't going to ruin our fun. 

They didn't seem to mind the little bit of rain. I just loved hearing their squeals as they would find an egg!  What I thought was really awesome of our oldest grandson was as we were nearing the end and we counted the eggs to make sure we had found them all....he realized that he had the most and then began helping the others find the few remaining ones so that they all ended up with the same amount!  He has such a giving and sharing heart!  We were all chilled by the time we were done so it was time to come in have a few cookies and something to drink.  I hope that they will remember these times at our house as they get older and think of Grandma and Papa's house one of fun!

May you create memories today with those that you love or friends that you have been missing.  Remember every day is a day to celebrate!




She's So Crafty! said...

Love all of your cute photos!

Gine said...

Stopped by from the blog post at Scrapbook.com. Your blog is wonderful
Have a great week

Toqua's Crafts said...

Oh now I'm jealous! You got to spend time with MY boys and the sweetest girl around too!!

I'm glad everyone had a good time!!