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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Decorative Accents

Hey my blogging friends...and in real life friends too!  Well we are getting down to the wire so I will be posting  the last few questions more frequently.  I think after this I only have 2 or 3 more questions for you.  Are you feeling the long haul to get this accomplished?  I am so excited to be getting to see at least part of my bath come to life next week. I will finally get to post pics next week of something accomplished!  The cabinets won't  be here however, because we have to rebuild one wall and we want to make sure of the size of cabinet to order.  I'd hate to order and then find out I could have went bigger or go bigger and then have it not fit! I also have not found another faucet yet that I like!  It's been so long since we did a major overhaul at this house I forgot about all the details that can come into play.  All of my undecisiveness couldn't be  because  I am getting older and making all these decisions is harder because I think of how permanent they will be, so I am being more cautious! LOL!  Sorry for my rambling here!  Is that a sign of getting older too?

Before I post the next question micupoftea from http://poetryinapotoftea.blogspot.com/ asked a very good question.  She asked me if I could give you all a hint as to what the prize is.  I haven't got it all together yet, but it will be a very nice bathroom related gift.  When the winner is announced I will try to personalize it for you!  In the event of a tie I will use random generator to choose.  By the way if you have never visited her blog please do.  She always has some wonderful and interesting posts! 

We are still talking about tile here...you know those accent tiles that just give your area some personality. 
So let's roll them out and see what I have been deliberating over.  There are so many awesome and interesting options out there! 
Stacked Brick, Desert Design Winnemucca, Nv

Sqare Mosaic, Desert Design Winnemucca, NV

Glass and Natural Stone, Desert DesignWinnemucca, NV

Designer Porcelain, Lowes

Stacked Natural Rock, Desert Design Winnemucca, NV

There you have it, so many styles!  What do you think my favorite one was?  There is also a liner tile that goes with my Decorative Accent.   For a bonus do you think I went with glass or bronze?

Hope you are all having a wonderful week filled with your favorite things!




Scrap Vamp said...

I'll go with the Designer Porcelain from Lowe's. That one is gorgeous, even though they are all lovely.

Norma G. said...

Hmmmm......I don't know but mine was the 1st one!

Toqua's Crafts said...

Personally I think it would be easier to choose the decorative accents if we knew which tile and sink you were using. Since I chose either 4 or 5 on the tiles, I'm going to go with that as the tiles. I also chose option #2 for the sink... so I am assuming this will be the sink as well. (Yes, just because I am THAT good! LOL)

As much as I like the stacked natural rocks... all I think of is dust in all of those crevices! LOL

I believe #2 is too much like the tiles and would simply blend in and not be much of an accent.

I like the glass and natural stone... but not sure I 'see' it in a bathroom.

I think you will choose from either the stacked brick or the porcelain... I will go with hmmm... the porcelain. It is a little more feminine... and this bathroom redo is to make the other grandma happy after all!

Francine said...

Hmmm...I think I'm going to choose the Glass and Natural stone one. Seems like it would make a good accent, provided there's not too much of it.

Becky said...

Thanks for continuing to take these blind guesses! I know Toqua that it maybe isn't fair when you really have no idea of previous choices! But hey it's all for the fun of it! We are almost done!

Kathy and Ed said...

I think it is number 4 from Lowes....Can't wait to see

lynnndee said...

Designer Porcelain, Lowes