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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Remodeling anyone?

Ok...so I haven't been creating in my wonderful scrap studio like I want...but my mind has been on other things.  We are getting ready to remodel our master bathroom.  I am so excited!  This room is in much need of a major overhaul.  So I thought I would share this journey of mine with you.

After cruising the internet for some inspiration I found this room designed by Gladys Schanstra on HGTV.

There are more photos to see of this bathroom at the above link.
No my bathroom is not this big!  I do not have room for that beautiful scrumptious tub in my small space, but I am hoping to at least pull off the look and feel of this room, while attempting to weave in my own personality .  Right now I am at times getting overwhelmed by all the little decisions and options that are available.  There is alot of "sticker price" shock going on too  as I seem to always have a champagne taste on a beer budget! As I make selections for my remodel I will share with you some of my options or what I have chosen.  Come along with me...and see if I survive this large endeavor.




Sharon said...

Becky! I have always wanted to remodel! we purchased a 10 year old home and have been in it 5 years, so things are starting to look dated! I love watching HGTV, and can't wait to see your finished room!!!

Toqua's Crafts said...

Can't wait to see your before and after pictures!!

Micupoftea~ said...

Been in our home for 15 yrs...time to update our bathroom too. Alas, dd is in college now so updates wait for 3 yrs. Will probably make the changes right before we put the house up for sale when she graduates! lol....good luck. Have fun :)

Izzy Anderson said...

Yes do post before and after pics!

Sue said...

oh my to have a scrap room like this would be heaven! Looking forward to following your remodelling :)