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Friday, March 30, 2012

Splish Splash!

Hi there! I want you all to know that we have 4 of you with points from last weeks remodeling contest question.  One of you even got the bonus point!  Once I feature my sink I will post the points for the sink and faucet together.  Am I the ornery one or what?  
If you are just now joining in you can find the first question located here: Choices, Choices, Choices

I am going to refresh your memory of what the inspiration room looks like with an additional picture.

This week should be an easy question for most of you especially if you are part of The Crop Room or Divas group over at Scrapbook.com. plus there are only 2 options so everyone has a 50/50 chance of getting it right!   

I guess my first decision was whether to have a large tub with shower combo or a large walk in shower.   I asked the question to the 2 groups mentioned above what they would prefer in a master bath.  I found it really interesting that with one group 99% of them said they would prefer the walk in shower because they very rarely take baths and they are easier to get in and out of plus easier to keep clean. In group two the response was a large tub, because they love taking a bubble bath relaxing after a long day and reading their books. 

This week's question is:  What did I decide to go with:  A large tub with a shower or the large walk in shower?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I am going out of town...well actually out of state for the next couple of days with a friend.  So I will catch up with you all next week! Thanks for playing!

Maybe next week I will have some creative inspiration for you and not just this bathroom stuff!  So stay tuned!

Until next time...


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Choices, Choices, Choices!!!

Hello to my blogger friends!  Thanks so much for all of your encouragement and willingness to follow me on my remodeling endeavor.  This past week I have just been going through choices of every detail.  Boy are there a lot!  Imagine yourself in the store and the clerk is trying to help you with all of these.  Of course she has the sweetest voice and acts like she has the patience of Job but you can tell she just wishes you would hurry up and make a decision.
Cabinets: What door style, what color, do you want that in maple, oak, cherry, alder...OK that's fine now do you prefer to have clear wood or knotty? Do you want a glaze on this we have several colors to choose from to accent them, and we have various lines from your basic contractors special to deluxe in the way they are built.  Any options with these?  Do you want a built in hamper, drawer dividers, a  tall linen cabinet, adjustable shelves? 
"Let's move over to this display" Sinks: Vessel, Drop In, and Under mount? Now will that be in:  China, Solid Surface Type, Glass, Porcelain, and yes we do offer some steel.  
"Now what are you thinking about for the flooring": Tile, Wood look, or Linoleum? I would not put carpet in your bath area too much mold and mildew, and real wood doesn't work well, neither does laminate because of all the moisture.
"Do you want a tub or a walk in shower?"  and just what style of tub would that be exactly. A step up garden, soaking tub, jetted tub, air bath, the never ending overflowing tub that fills from the ceiling, or how about a sit down tub that has the door that you open on the side. So I ask: If I open the door to get in the tub what happens to the water?  Her response is: Oh no you can't open the door once it's full, you sit in the tub and wait for it to fill up!  I'm thinking Whaaaaat?  And she continues: Now that we have went over the various tub options let's move on to Shower doors: These are the styles we offer in them: Fully framed, Euro Frame less Sliding Doors, A "S" Curve to the glass on the front, you can also have a swing out open door for the shower should you opt to do that, but what type of glass would you like in that honey we have lots of patterns to choose from. Oh you're not sure yet what you want to do?" Let's just go back here and take a looksy at these then, 
Counter tops: Laminate, tile, solid surface, and the oh soooooo luxurious granite.  
Faucets:  I'm thinking to myself: "What happened to the days of here's your basic chrome faucet with a hot and cold knob?"
Last but not least.....the wide array of Tiles 12x12, 6x6, 12x9, 8x8, porcelain, ceramic, natural stone....then you have an array of options to enhance that tile: liner tiles, listellos, mosaic, brick, glass, copper, rock.... the list just goes on and on! Well now, Do you really need to take all those samples home with you?....and you say you are looking around on the internet too?"  

Have I got your mind whirling as much as mine is?  Need I say any more about the rocking and reeling feeling of which way do I go? 
but I am happy to announce I have made 2 decisions this week!!!! I ordered my faucets!  Woo Hoo...aren't you just as excited as I am? (little bit of sarcasm undertone said with that)

Since I ordered my faucets this week....and as we all know  unless you are getting body sprays or something luxurious a shower faucet is a shower faucet.  So I am going to play a game with all of you while I am going through this selection process .You can try and guess which one I chose.  You can only guess once each post. At the end of this remodel the one with the most correct answers will receive a little prize from me. .  But here are some options that I looked at for my faucet.  Which one do you think I chose?

Option 1

Option 2
Option 3

Option 4

Option 5
Option 6

Do you dare to try for a bonus point....and guess which color I chose?  Chrome, Nickel, Bronze, Gold, Stainless? 
Thanks for playing!



Oh by the way:  All these photos came from Overstock.com.
and psst....there really isn't a sales lady...it's just the voices in my head! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Remodeling anyone?

Ok...so I haven't been creating in my wonderful scrap studio like I want...but my mind has been on other things.  We are getting ready to remodel our master bathroom.  I am so excited!  This room is in much need of a major overhaul.  So I thought I would share this journey of mine with you.

After cruising the internet for some inspiration I found this room designed by Gladys Schanstra on HGTV.

There are more photos to see of this bathroom at the above link.
No my bathroom is not this big!  I do not have room for that beautiful scrumptious tub in my small space, but I am hoping to at least pull off the look and feel of this room, while attempting to weave in my own personality .  Right now I am at times getting overwhelmed by all the little decisions and options that are available.  There is alot of "sticker price" shock going on too  as I seem to always have a champagne taste on a beer budget! As I make selections for my remodel I will share with you some of my options or what I have chosen.  Come along with me...and see if I survive this large endeavor.



Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Easel Card...and a link to a RAK!

Hi there!  Well here I am again making another card.  Boy for someone that just about 2 years ago said "I don't do cards!" I sure am doing alot of them!  I made this card for my mother in law's birthday.  Happy Birthday Mom!

I used K & Co Paper, EK Success Large Double Edger Punch Lattice, and Martha Stewarts Doily Border Punch, Basic Pearls by Kaiser Craft in Latte, a stamp by Close to My Heart. The large Rose is by Prima (have had that one in my stash forever) and the smaller brown roses are by recollections. 


My friend Rebecca at http://byondbzr.blogspot.com/  
is giving away some wonderful sets of chipboard!  Go check out her blog and leave a comment...it's that simple!

Happy Crafting!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

can't believe...7?

Hi my friends!  I can't believe that my grandson turned 7 today!  What has happened to that chubby baby grandma use to love to snuggle in her arms?  At least he still enjoys hugs and doesn't mind kisses too much! 
He had a bowling party to celebrate his day and I just wanted to share a few pics with you.  So much fun!  My pics aren't that great...it was black light bumper bowling. 
 His  little sister Aryah loved the bowling.  When she heard us talking about getting close to time for cake and opening presents she had a meltdown and started crying....because she wasn't going to be able to bowl anymore.  We didn't even think she was listening to us! 
 Our birthday boy having fun....look at those shoes under the black lights!  Wow! Now is that a fashion statement or what?
 Make that wish! 
 Uh Oh...watch out Dyllan your little brother is becoming a present snatcher!
A fun day......Happy Birthday Grandson!  May this year be one of your best years yet!

Of course you don't think that this Grandma would miss making his card do you?

I used the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge to cut the stars and the card.  I swear I am in love with this cartridge!  The fibers were from an old pair a jeans that I was tearing apart for another projects....and the seams just rolled right out....so yep it got thrown into my stash for scrapbooking!  Sometimes I wonder if anything is safe anymore!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with things you enjoy and people you love!
In case it's your birthday....happy birthday to you too!