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Friday, January 13, 2012

Shhh A 12x12 Layout with Tutorial

Hi my friends!  Well creativity has worked some therapy into my life.  With this week's Color Palette #93 at The Color Room I just had to share this Layout I did.  Here is the color palette for the week along with their sketch.  I did not use the sketch but this color palette is so beautiful!

Here is my take on this color palette.
Here is the tutorial on how to create this layout.  You will learn several techniques using your cricut.  However if you don't have a cricut please improvise!
First gather your supplies:
1 Sheet 12x12 White Cardstock
3 Sheet Cardstock of same color family.  2 Lighter and 1 darker.  (I chose shades of pink)
4x12 piece of green cardstock
Various Embellishments
Small piece of lace or trim Approx. 3 inches
6 small buttons or brads
Approx. 12 small flowers
Small pearls or bling
Embroidery Floss or thread

Now your Tools:
Cricut Expression
Cricut Cartridges: Storybook, Paper Dolls, Jasmine
Distressing Tool
Versamark Pad
Small Image Stamp
Small Word Stamp
Coordinating Color of Embossing Powder
Sewing Machine....(you can skip this if you want)

Are you ready to begin?
1) Use your lightest color cardstock as your background.
2) Take your 12x12 White Cardstock, find the center and mark with a small dot in pencil.  Place on your Cricut cutting mat.
3) Load paper and mover your  cutting blade so it is over the dot you marked.  Turn the Center Point on.
4) Using your Storybook Cartridge:
Cut: Accent Blackout Birthday Girl at 8 1/2"  This will give you the marquee in the center of the paper.
5) Now using Shift, accent blackout J cut at 7 1/2"    Don't freak out at this point the frame will cut away from your other cut.   DO NOT REMOVE FROM THE MACHINE!
6) Adjust your measurment to 7 1/4 " and hit repeat last.
7) Remove from Cricut and the mat.

8) Now cut 1/4" off all sides of the white cardstock paper and lightly distress the edges to make it fuzzy like a blanket.
Take the remainder white center square and set aside.  We will use it later.
9) Determine how far down you will turn the upper right corner - lightly crease and then fold back to it's original position.
10) Lightly adhere the white cardstock to your background cardstock.  Making sure it is centered and that  you don't adhere the corner that you want to turn down.
11) Now stitch around the page. You can either use a machine or handstitch...whichever you prefer! :)  If you are using a machine begin with the right hand upper corner at your creased line and stitch entirely around page ending where you creased your corner. Add the white frame that was cut out to your layout.

12) Roll the edges of the upper right corner down making sure the embellishment you have chosen will fit. Water distress this corner piece. Add a pop dot underneath the roll, add your embellishment on top, and gather and tuck your lace or trim in the corner.

13) Cut a 6 3/4 x 6 3/4 inch darker pink mat for your photo and lightly distress the edges. Add to the center of your layout. Your basic background is complete.

Now on to making the embellishments.

 The branch piece -Using your Storybook Cartidge, Place the green paper onto the mat. Set your measurement to 1 3/4 inches. Cut out Tall border Shift K to get the branch pattern.
Now Place the White 7 1/4"square cardstock paper on your mat and hit repeat.
Journaling Frame - Using your Jasimine Cartridge Set measurement to 2 1/4 inch. Set quanitity to 3. Press the Oval Button and cut out the oval frame pg 119 in your book.
Remove from Cricut.

Align and glue together the 2 branches together - set aside
Align and glue together the 3 oval frames -set aside

Title -Now take the second sheet of light background paer and place on your cricut mat.  Set your measurement to 1 1/4 inch. Press the Real dial size button. Cut out the letters s, h, h,h.
Fence -Insert your Paper Dollas Cartridge set measurement to 2 3/4 inches
Press: Tabs, shift and monkey.  This will give you the fence.
Hit cut
Remove from Cricut.

With the remaining scrap of white paper use a versamark pad & embossing powder of your choice to stamp & heat emboss your images.  Cut each image out.

Referring to the Layout...assemble your Layout.

I hope this tutorial was easy to understand!  I am so new at writing these.  If you do a layout using this would you mind posting a link in the comment box so I can see what you have done!

Happy Scrapping!




Scrap Vamp said...

This is so very sweet! I love it, Becky!

Isabel said...

Loved your tutorial. Easy to follow and great LO. Isabel