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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Cookies!

I know it is well after Dec. 25th, but this last week we finally got to have some time with my grandsons.  They finally got to open up their Christmas gifts!  Afterwards we baked some gingerbread cookies.  My secret recipe this year was:   Toll House Frozen Cookie Dough in the tub!  LOL!

Papa thought it would be funny to smear us with flour!  The boys thought it was funny too!

 Roll them out boys!  However, the little one Jesse had more fun just rolling the pin on the counter and getting flour everywhere!
Ready for the oven!

What fun we had decorating!  The boys used cinnamon red hots and gum drops.  As well as several colors of icing.

The cookies are all done....and the best part is getting to eat them!

I think we all had a fun day today...one of those days where I can say that I : Celebrated Life, Captured the Moment and Created Memories!

Now to get some of these photos into Layouts so the memories aren't lost!




Sharon said...

Adorable, Becky! I love this post! The pics are adorable!

Toqua's Crafts said...

I *LOVE* those boys! I'm happy that you finally got to have Christmas with them. It may actually have more of an impression on them because it wasn't during the rush of the holiday season.

The "Other" Grandma

Andrea Slee said...

Great photos Becky! The boys are so cute! You're such a good grandma!