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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just a little card

Hi there bloggers...friends...family...

About a week ago I actually got to have some girlfriend time.  Usually I never get things done, but I actually got a card done and a layout almost completed!  I created this card using some lavender card stock from paperabilities, Kraft card stock,  a scrap of dusky purple card stock,Tim Holtz Vintage photo Ink, Close To My Heart Purple Pansy Ink, and Close to My Heart "Live Inspired"stamp set, Martha Stewart Butterfly punch, a spritz of Walnut Ink and some bling that I've had lying around forever.

    I used a ribbon spool to help me create the partial circle of bling on the card. 

And the big news for my town is.....we now have a local scrapbook store!  Jumping up and down over that one! 

Here's hoping that you get to have days spent with friends and laughter!



Saturday, May 26, 2012

Twin Baby Girl Mini Albums with tutorial

Hi all!  Wow where did the month of May go?  I guess the saying time flies when you are having fun is true!  I will have to share some of the fun things in my life during the month of May on another post.  But I had said I would be sharing some minis with you and a tutorial ....so here we go!

My friend and "my grandson's"  other grandma....ordered a couple of mini albums for a baby shower present. The mom is expecting paternal twin girls.  These books were fun to make...and I tried to make them the same, but different ...just like those baby girls will be.  The tutorial will be for how to make the rabbit embellishments. 

These are the rabbits we will be making in the tutorial.

All of the papers are from a Debbie Mumm Paper stack that I found at Joann's a couple of years ago. As well as some pink, green, and french vanilla card stock from Bazzill.

The Tutorial:

Supplies needed:
White or Ivory Card stock
Pink Chalk
Cotton Ball
(2) Wiggly Eyes 5/8"
Circle Template
Elongated Heart Template
a Small pre-made bow or you can tie one yourself from 1/4" ribbon

You will need to cut a 3 1/2" circle for the rabbits head. If you are placing the rabbit along the bottom edge of the page like I did you will need to cut off about 1/2"- 3/4" along the bottom.

Then cut an elongated heart at 3 1/2" for the ears, and cut this in half.  You will need to slightly round the cut edge at the bottom of the ear so that it does not have a little point that is left behind from the center of the heart. 

I used the Cricut Accent Essentials Cartridge for both of these.

Using Pink Chalk and a small pea size piece of cotton held with tweezers, go along the inside part of the ear slightly to shade. 

Place the ears on top and along either side of the circle, slightly overlapping them about 1/4" on the top.  Glue the ears down on the outside edges.  I took one ear and slightly crinkled it up so it would have some dimension and added a couple of pop dots underneath.
Find the placement for the eyes.  You don't want them too high.  Using a good adhesive adhere to face. Chalk the face with pink for the cheeks.
Using a small punch heart punch; punch 2 hearts  for the nose add 3 pieces of twine for the whiskers and glue between the hearts and adhere to the face.  
Create a small line down from the nose for the mouth.
Attach the bow to the top where the ears overlap. 
Adhere your bunny to your page....if you haven't been doing so as you construct it.
For the mini rabbits I used a 1-1/2" Circle punch and a 1-1/2" heart.

Hope you have fun with this....and that this tutorial is clear.  Any questions....please don't hesitate to ask!



Saturday, April 28, 2012

We Have A Winner!

Hi friends!  Wow what a hectic week it has been and as I sit here and write this tonight I am exhausted.  But I know you are all anxiously awaiting the results of my remodel contest.  Can we have a drum roll from someone?.......

The Winner is Celina/ScrapVamp!  She got  a score of 5  out of the 6 questions...one of them being a bonus!
Coming in at a tie for second place is Lynndee and Toqua with 4 points! 

Congratulations Celina!!!!!!!
And thank you ladies for following along.

Thank you all!  Celina/ScrapVamp I will be getting ahold of you to double check your address.  You have one more question to answer before you get your prize......what colors are your bathroom done in? 

So here are the answers of the things I have chosen....

Choices, Choices, Choices Answer.  Even though I sent this one back it still is counting for the answers.  That baby on the bottom is almost 3" around...it just looked like a huge pipe!  The bonus answer was brushed nickel!

  Question #2 was on Splish splash....I opted for the walk in shower because of my disability and I could not find a tub that was the right size to replace the existing one.

Is my life sinking?  Not on this answer....love my sink!  This can be either drop mounted or as a vessel.  We are leaving it as a vessel sink to mimic the look of that large tub.  That is if I ever find a vessel faucet that I love. :)

Tic, Tac, Tile Was option #4 from Desert Design.  Oh my this tile looks so much better and has so much more character than this one piece did!  Loving it!

Decorative Accent Tile is from Lowe's.  You won't believe how hard it was too find the perfect accent piece.  I also added a small bronze liner to go with it.

 Here are some pics of before and during the remodeling process. 

Here is a picture of my bathroom before.  I know this pic doesn't look that bad, but that plastic tub had yellowed over the years and you cannot see the caulking that we had smeared on those vinyl wall boards where the vinyl was peeling off.  We also had nailed the drawer  fronts back on in a couple of the drawers. So you saw these tiny nails on the front. Definitely time for an update! 

YEAH!!!! Splish splash...out goes that bath!!!!  My husband just took a saw and cut that baby in two!

That little wall came down...but a new wall will go up in it's place!

Look, Look, Look!  The shower is almost finished!  I am just loving it! 

Here's the New Shower!  I just love it! Sorry this isn't the best picture.  In this picture the grout haze needs a second wipe down.  So it looks a little hazy. Viper Glass came out and measured for my shower doors and they will be installed in about 10 days.  The cabinets have been measured for that alcove and the vanity but they won't be in for about 4 weeks.  So this is as far as we can go at the moment.  But my brain and body are needing a little break from all of this.  I will try to get a better picture of the shower and post it in a later post, when we have made more progress.  You can't tell but the shower floor has a brick pattern to it. Am I capturing the feel of the inspiration bath? 

Again Thanks to all of you for following and playing along. 


PS...my next post will have twin mini albums with a tutorial!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Topping it all off!

Hey everyone! You have until Saturday to be in it and win it! 

I am so excited!  The tile began to get installed  for the walls and needless to say I love it!  I can't wait to see it completed!  Just wish it wasn't going to take about another 3 weeks to finish up with cabinets and flooring. 

I am so proud of those of you that have continued to follow and answer my silly questions through this process.  It has been a long haul and I'm sure you thought...oh cool a couple of questions and then a give away!  You didn't know it was going to be this much!  And believe me there were so many more options and things I have had to choose but I am ending it with this one last question.

My laminate countertops. I wanted granite but my budget just wouldn't allow it. Here are 5 of them that I kept juggling back and forth. So pick what you think is my favorite...or heck pick your own favorite if you're not sure!

Pearla Piazza

Madura Pearl

Aged Piazza

Madura Citrine

Madura Gold

All of these Laminates are by Wilson Art.  I am having a decorative front edge put on them just to add a touch of more interest.  

I will reveal the answers on Saturday along with who got the most right.  I will show you some pics of the partial completion and the before pics next week. 

I am also hoping to get up a post with my twin mini albums I made for Toqua's Crafts and maybe have a short tutorial with it!  Toqua is MY grandsons other grandma, my friend, and a very talented lady.  She makes beautiful beaded ornaments.  So please check out her blog, you will be pleasantly surprised at some of the things she has created!

Until next time....hope you all have a wonderful week!



Saturday, April 21, 2012

Springtime with the Grandkids!

I know that my posts have been filled with my bath remodel and questions...and yes we have one more to go!  But to show you that I do have a life I wanted to share some of the pictures that I took with my grandchildren last weekend. 

We had so much fun!  Since this Grandma was sick over Easter we did not get to color eggs on the normal time schedule. I really felt bad about it because  I just love celebrating the holidays with my grandchildren and getting to do all of those fun things that bring joy into our lives.  But I remembered as a child I asked my mom why we colored eggs.  And her response was, "We color eggs to celebrate Spring and New Life!"  Not really anything to do with the Easter Bunny and the normal view on coloring eggs.  So with that memory it made me realize that as long as it is Spring we can color eggs! 

Of course what is coloring eggs without a Egg Hunt!  I kept the little ones occupied inside while Papa went out and hid the eggs in the backyard.  Just about the time we got ready to go on the hunt it began to rain!  But a little bit of water wasn't going to ruin our fun. 

They didn't seem to mind the little bit of rain. I just loved hearing their squeals as they would find an egg!  What I thought was really awesome of our oldest grandson was as we were nearing the end and we counted the eggs to make sure we had found them all....he realized that he had the most and then began helping the others find the few remaining ones so that they all ended up with the same amount!  He has such a giving and sharing heart!  We were all chilled by the time we were done so it was time to come in have a few cookies and something to drink.  I hope that they will remember these times at our house as they get older and think of Grandma and Papa's house one of fun!

May you create memories today with those that you love or friends that you have been missing.  Remember every day is a day to celebrate!



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Decorative Accents

Hey my blogging friends...and in real life friends too!  Well we are getting down to the wire so I will be posting  the last few questions more frequently.  I think after this I only have 2 or 3 more questions for you.  Are you feeling the long haul to get this accomplished?  I am so excited to be getting to see at least part of my bath come to life next week. I will finally get to post pics next week of something accomplished!  The cabinets won't  be here however, because we have to rebuild one wall and we want to make sure of the size of cabinet to order.  I'd hate to order and then find out I could have went bigger or go bigger and then have it not fit! I also have not found another faucet yet that I like!  It's been so long since we did a major overhaul at this house I forgot about all the details that can come into play.  All of my undecisiveness couldn't be  because  I am getting older and making all these decisions is harder because I think of how permanent they will be, so I am being more cautious! LOL!  Sorry for my rambling here!  Is that a sign of getting older too?

Before I post the next question micupoftea from http://poetryinapotoftea.blogspot.com/ asked a very good question.  She asked me if I could give you all a hint as to what the prize is.  I haven't got it all together yet, but it will be a very nice bathroom related gift.  When the winner is announced I will try to personalize it for you!  In the event of a tie I will use random generator to choose.  By the way if you have never visited her blog please do.  She always has some wonderful and interesting posts! 

We are still talking about tile here...you know those accent tiles that just give your area some personality. 
So let's roll them out and see what I have been deliberating over.  There are so many awesome and interesting options out there! 
Stacked Brick, Desert Design Winnemucca, Nv

Sqare Mosaic, Desert Design Winnemucca, NV

Glass and Natural Stone, Desert DesignWinnemucca, NV

Designer Porcelain, Lowes

Stacked Natural Rock, Desert Design Winnemucca, NV

There you have it, so many styles!  What do you think my favorite one was?  There is also a liner tile that goes with my Decorative Accent.   For a bonus do you think I went with glass or bronze?

Hope you are all having a wonderful week filled with your favorite things!



Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tic Tac Tile!

I have had a wonderful weekend with my grandchildren.  Once I get through the over 100 pictures I have taken this weekend I will post some pictures and fill you in on the fun stuff we have done. But it is once again time to have a  contest question!!!! Time is getting closer for demolition.  My husband thought he was going to do that this weekend until I put a stop to it because frankly I didn't want that mess along with 3 children running around the house!  He thought it would be fun for them to help him....really??  Would you think it would be fun to have a 2 year old, a 3 1/2 year old and a 7 year old trying to help you tear something apart? Just don't understand that thinking!

Are you ready to play the eeny meenie miny mo game with tile? I actually think my wall tile has been the easiest choice I've made...if there is such a thing in my world.  However, I have been looking at tile samples for over 5 years in contemplation of this project.  You'd think I would have had it down pat...but no I still brought home lots of samples.  Here are a few of the choices that I was looking at for the walls...do you know which one I chose?

Tile #1 Marazzi Montanga Lugana Courtesy of Home Depot

Tile #2 Marazzi Tile Courtesy of Desert Design Winnemucca, NV

Tile #3 Courtesy of Desert Design Winnemucca, NV

Tile #4 Courtesy of Desert Design Winnemucca, NV
Tile #5 Courtesy of Desert Design Winnemucca, NV

  I think the thing that amazed me was the similarities in color until you get them home and then put them next to other things you've chosen!  Some would turn yellow, others more green and others just clashed!  If neutrals can clash...I found a way to make it happen more than once! Can't wait to see your answers.  We only have a few more questions left.  And so far we do have one person in the lead...no ties yet! I have been totally amazed at how many of you are following me on this!  Thank you so much!  If you are just reading this post....there are 3 other posts that have questions for this contest.  Look under searching for something on the left hand side and find the words bathroom or remodel or click on the links at the bottom of this post and it should take you to them!  So you are not to late to get in on this or play catch up!  Remember the winner gets a Prize!



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Please Help Wilson!

Hi blogger friends!  I have a friend over at Scrapbook.com who is need of your help.  She has a little puppy that is in need of surgery.  She currently is on disability and has no way to pay for this.  If you can help in anyway I am sure she will appreciate it. 

You can read her post here

I am having fun with my grandchildren and will post another contest question and maybe some pics of all the things we have been doing in a few days! 



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kristen Wilson's $100 Giveaway!!!

Wow!  Would you like to have a $100 gift card from Scrapbook.com?  Kristen Wilson is giving one away!  If you haven't ever been to Scrapbook.com you are missing out on one of the best websites for creativity and inspiration!   To get into the drawing for Kristen's giveaway just visit her blog at the link above....comment on your blog about the give away, and then leave a comment and join her  site!  The drawing will be held on May 1st!

Thanks Kristen!  What an awesome prize!

and don't forget about the give away here for my bathroom remodel...make sure you answer all the questions for optimum points...there's been 3 so far!  Picking up the prize tomorrow...aren't you just dying to know what it is? 



Monday, April 9, 2012

Is my life sinking?

Hey!  Well it is Monday...another start to the work week for some of you...and for me just another week!  Although Monday seems to be my big cleaning day.  My bathroom is slated to be done by the end of the month...so I thought I better get another question for this contest up. 

Well you have tried to blindly choose a faucet...but here's the funny part....I am sending it back!  Didn't like it once it came in!  LOL! Some days I do have that sinking feeling that this bathroom will be the undoing of me yet!  The disadvantage of living in a small town where you have no shopping and have to rely on photos on the internet! 
But when it comes to my sink....I have it and I love it!

so here's some options for you to choose from.  Remember to refer to the inpiration photo for clues.

Option 1
Photo Courtesy of Desert Design Winnemucca, Nv

Option 2 undermount sink
Photo Courtesy of Desert Design Winnemucca, Nv

Option 3 Drop in Sink
Photo Courtesy of Desert Design Winnemucca, Nv

Option 4 Vessel Sink
Photo Courtesy of Desert Design Winnemucca, NV

Option 5 Glass Vessel Sink
Photo from Overstock.com

  So there you have it....Take a guess!  I will start revealing the answers shortly!  Going to the city this week to pick up the winner's prize!  Remember if you are just now joining in...look for the previous posts this month...choices, choices, choices and splish, splash!  You still have plenty of time to enter!



Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!  I hope you all have a wonderful sunshine filled day Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus! 
Sharing some springtime from my home to yours.

Celebrate, dance, sing and rejoice on this marvelous day!



Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baby Camo Mini

Hey my friends....I actually got a creative project done.  It's amazing when you are making things for others how much more motivated you are to get it completed.  I created another baby boy mini-album for a friend of mine to give at a baby shower.  The mom is using camouflage in the nursery so I tried to pull some of that into the album.  I really struggled with that part because my mind just does not connect camouflage with a baby boy.

The Quote on the front reads: God created boys full of spirit and fun, To explore and conquer to romp and run.
Inside cover and flap.  I used Cricut Cartridge Everyday Paper dolls for the fish, adding a googly eye and used the Marvy Gelly Roll pen in white to accent him.

I fussy cut the lion from the paper to create him and then added googly eyes.  The grass was cut out from Everyday Paper Dolls and pop dotted.  I just loved the addition of buttons for flowers.
The elephant was a 3D embellishment from Paper Bliss. The corduroy brad is from Close To My Heart and the mini buttons are from Favorite Findings, tied with DMC Embroidery Floss.
On these 2 pages I used a whale button from the Baby Animals by Dress It Up, the bubbles were created from Every Day Paper Dolls Cricut Cartridge and highlighted with a Marvy Gellyroll Pen in White, and a Sakura Liquid Applique Pen in white. The starfish is cut from the Cricut Accent Essentials Cartridge .  These are all pop dotted for dimension.
The turtle is another 3D Embellishment from Paper Bliss, and the I Love you this much ribbon is from Michael's.  The hearts were punched and pop dotted from a small punch that I have had forever and not sure who the manufacturer is.
I also added a baby safety pin to the ribbon on the left hand page.  The brad is from Close to My Heart.

The last 2 pages.  I used baby blue baby rik rak from Wrights. The giraffe was cut from Everyday Paper Dolls, I then cut out the giraffes pattern and used the black out feature for the brown.  Of course he had to have one of those googly eyes.  I did some pen work on his mane to make the little hairs stand out.
In addition to the pages you see here there are 6 large hidden tags between the pages.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my latest creation and that it has given you some inspiration for you own! 

Here is a list of all the products that were used to create this:
3 Bugs in a Rug - Under the Sea
TPC Studio - Sweet Beginnings Baby Boy Lions
Reminisce- Hunters Camo
Bazzil Card stock - Blue Orange Peel, Dk Brown Linen, Green Linen
Favorite Findings Baby Buttons
Dress It Up Baby Animals Buttons
Close to My Heart - Brads and Page Turners
Paper Bliss 3D Accents Whale and Turtle
Offray Camouflage and Green Dot
Michael's Blue/ Brown Dash, I Love you this Much, Blue/Brown Stripe
Wrights Baby Rik Rak in blue
Other things
DMC Embroidery Floss, Twine - from the Dollar Store, Green Cording, Misc. Buttons
Tim Holtz Distress Ink - vintage photo,
Close to My heart - White
Sakura White Gelly Roll
Marvy Liquid Applique in white
Cricut Cartridges - Every Day Paper Dolls; Accent Essentials; Tags, Bags, Boxes and More.
Sizzix Texture Plates for Stampin Up

In a day or two we will have another  contest question!  If you are just stopping by you can join this contest at anytime answering all the questions.  We should be completed with the contest by month's end!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!