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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Colorado Family Vacation

Hi everyone!  Wow...what a whirlwind of a month June has been!  Loads of fun, but it is time for me to get back to reality and stop ignoring my blogging friends. I hope you all know I still love ya! 
This will be a REALLY LONG POST with pics since I am trying to update everyone what has been happening for the month of June!

Our month started out with a bang!  Our oldest grandson graduated from Kindergarten!  It was so cute to see the ceremony and such a proud moment for us!  (and him too!)

We also got a visit from our 3  granddaughters from MT.   They are so adorable and I only wish we had more time with them.  But we will take whatever few precious hours we can.

 I had a wonderful vacation spending time with my family and  meeting friends in real life!...more about that little side trip in another post. 
The first part of our trip to Colorado was via Wyoming where we stopped for a few hours, visited, and had lunch with my shirt tail cousin.  Oh my goodness I haven't acted that silly or laughed that hard in a long time.  She said neither had she!  Wish we lived closer...I know we would always be getting into some kind of mischief.  Especially with her boyfriends: Ross, Michael's, TJ Maxx, well that is what her husband called them!
After our brief but fun visit there we went to my oldest sister's home in Aurora, Colorado.  My sister and her husband from Pueblo also joined us for a few days. It seems like we always had something to do and no time to be bored.  So many favorite moments while with my sisters.

 While there we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean in 3D, seriously I liked the movie, but the 3D part was not that great in my opinion.  My husband and son took in a Rockies Baseball game one afternoon...and my husband became a star!  He was actually on TV...and not just a blur by in the camera.  So that was exciting for him when we watched the rerun of the game the next day.  We also went to an evening  game as a family, if you are a Detroit Tigers fan...I am so sorry!  But hooray for the Rockies!

  We got to do a little shopping, and we had a BBQ with most of our immediate family members, plus an uncle and a couple of cousins.  I think if we ever got ALL the family together we would have to rent Pepsi Stadium!  (wink).
To say that this is just a few of us...We are missing 2 of my sons and there families, and a niece and nephew and families.  Of course there are lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins that were not present!  I think the hardest part of this trip was visiting my mom.  She has Alzheimer's and is in a nursing home. So we had to go visit her nearly every day, trying to steal in a few precious moments.  I just love her so much!

When we left  Aurora we traveled south to Colorado Springs and visited my husband's aunt and her family for the day before heading to my sister Pat's house in Pueblo.  Can you believe I didn't take any pics of her at her house?  Not enough time at these places to really feel like we got to visit.  But sometimes you just have to enjoy what you have!
Our journey continued with a trip through Canon City on our way to my hometown of Buena Vista.  We wanted to stop and let my son see the Royal Gorge and walk across it.  Can you believe they charge $25 per person for a day pass to do this?  So we found a spot with a small walking trail in which we could see it from.   We stopped in Salida, Colorado to visit my Aunt in the nursing home and then on to Buena Vista.  I won't show you a bunch of my pics of my family there but will share with you what I call "my mountain".

This is Mount Princeton.  The mountain that every time I see it I know that I am home.  We had a wonderful visit with cousins, aunts and uncles and our time there was just too short.  A couple days later we ventured north of here and past the mountains that my husband calls home in  Leadville, Colorado.

Don't ask me what these are called or let my husband know that I can't remember the name! We couldn't believe how much snow was still on the mountains for mid June!  But so good to be back in what our hearts will always call home.  The last leg of our trip was heading westward over these massive Rocky Mountains to Grand Junction where we stayed and visited with my husband's sister and got to have a visit over lunch with my nephew.

Here are a couple of pics as we went through the Glenwood Canyon and on down the road towards
Grand Junction. 

I wish these pictures were better as this canyon is just so gorgeous!  That is the Colorado River that follows the road!  It was so full and almost at flood stage!  So you can imagine with all that snow that has not melted what may be coming in the months ahead.

And to close I will show you a pic of my husband's sister and his family there.

One final pic of my nephew, his wife, and their two kiddos.
Another day I will show you what I got to do after this whirlwind through Colorado!
Thanks for taking the time to read and let me share with you a little bit about my Family Vacation!




Toqua's Crafts said...

Of course the very first picture is my favoritest of those you posted... but beyond that... I love the beautiful sites in Colorado! So pretty! My ex used to live in Hotchkiss and we traveled to CO a few times.

SKOLNER said...

Totally enjoyed your pics Becky, lots of family, how much fun!
Miss you, have a Happy Thanksgiving, HUGS Sondra :-)