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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Unfinished Projects March and Sign Ups

Well I looked at my list and boy I didn't get hardly anything done this month!  But isn't it great that we don't have to finish...the idea is that we have our list and are making steps to get them done.

Here's my list from last month:

1. ICY Challenge The Crop Room - done

2. Scrapbook News n Reviews Submission Calls -done

1. Draven's Quilt -almost done...

2. Scrapbooks to complete:

Wedding Scrapbook - one layout done Jan.

My grandchildrens' 1st year books


KA - one layout done Feb.

DA - one layout done Jan.

This is My Story Scrapbook

3. Snowman wall hanging quilt

4. Picture frames

5. Christmas Florals

6. Christmas Ornaments

7. Mini Scrapbooks

and to add for March:

8. Martica's Letter Swap due Mar 31st
9. Darker Side Challenge Hosted by Foreverempress at scrapbook.com
10. ICY Challenge at The Crop Room II
11. Photo Organizational Challenge Hosted by Hanging by a Moment at scrapbook.com

Hopefully this month I will get a few more things off the list and leave some inspiration, tutorials, or sketches along the way.  Of course as you can tell some of my items are recurring every month.

Ready, set, begin...make your list, post it on your blog, a website like scrapbook.com or The Crop Room II and leave me a message that you are playing.  These lists can include anything that you have been putting off for awhile.  We will have more blog candy at the end of the month!  Thanks for playing!




Toqua's Crafts said...

My unfinished project is painting the outside of the house! :) I will soon be starting a new beading project (I'm waiting for more beads to arrive.) Our boy is 6 years old today! How is that possible?

Anonymous said...

From my long list of things i want to get done.this month, I am working on...
8. Make diecuts of all the dies I own and organize them by number into a notebook for easy reference. ( name, theme and where to find it)

What a chore! Ahhhhh! but i just keep thinking how nice it will be when i am done. And hopefully i will use my dies more, by seeing them in the reference book, (right now my dies are stashed away and i do not remember which one i even have.)