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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Sister's Request

iHello to all today!  My sister has told me that she is following my blog and loves hearing and seeing what we are doing.  So today is a day just for her....well and anyone else that may be interested! 

Last week we took a trip to my dear son's house in Tonopah.  Some of you may remember back in October that I had posted about having a new little grandson that was premature.  Well that little guy is home now!  Praise God!  He is so adorable and oh such a good baby!  Here are a couple of pictures of him now:

Proud Grandma Here!  Just enjoying that feel of a baby in my arms! 

Here's Papa with all 3 of those adorable grandchildren!  Little Draik just loved sleeping in Papa's arms.

Of course we have to get a close up of that beautiful little face!  Look at those chubby cheeks!  Such an amazing Miracle Boy!

While we were there the other 2 celebrated their 4th and 3rd Birthdays!  They were so excited and so much fun to watch open their presents.  Our little Ladybug Kaida was so cute when she opened her dress.  She said:  "Oh it is just wonderful!"  Yep that's a girl for ya!  Draven was excited to get his Woody from Toy Story.  I guess Mom and Dad had to quick order it because when he saw his gifts wrapped he kept saying that one of them had his Woody in it!   Now he wants the dinosaur.

While there we also tried our hand at guitar hero. That was alot of fun...I loved the singing...even though I can't carry a tune. Wish I had a voice like my son!

Here are those two cuties!  I already miss them!  Our visit was cut short...because some Grandma...don't know who that was...forgot one of her medicines and her body went on revolt so we came home a day early. 

That's the latest from our house!




Sarah said...

What a cutie he is!! Looks like you had lots of fun too!

Micupoftea~ said...

Aww, nice post,,,,ADORABLE grandbabies!! Enjoy them!9Get any snow in Tonopah?)

Fritchey said...

Oh my goodness Becky! God bless all of you!!! He is so sweet and precious! I love all of your family photos, too. TFS!!!

scrapaddict98 said...


The Blue Zoo said...

Awww!! Look at those cute little babies!! =) I cant wait to see them ALL.