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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Unfinished Projects

Hi there!  As I said in my New Year's Post that I wanted to connect with you and try to encourage you throughout the year.  I know I said I don't make resolutions for the new year...but I do set goals. My mind instantly went to all the unfinished projects I have, since I went on a shopping trip in which I picked up more crafting goodies, much of it clearance items from the Christmas products that I can use in items that I want to use as gifts or sell. 

I was so amazed at how many things that I could create without buying ANYTHING (well maybe almost not anything).

So here is my list of unfinished projects:

1) Backup all of the pictures on my computer!!  No not craft related but it would be heartbreaking if they were lost.
2) Blood and Roses Darker Side Challenge at scrapbook.com
3) Martica's Tag Swap
4) ICY Challenge at The Crop Room
5) Scrapbooks to complete:
    Wedding Scrapbook
     My grandchildrens'  1st year books
     This is My Story
6) Quilts for my grandson Draven and fix his sister's quilt
7) Snowman wall hanging quilt
8) Picture frames
9) Christmas Florals
10) Christmas Ornaments
11) Mini Scrapbooks

I have set a goal of June 1st to have this unfinished project list done, with #1-4 completed this month and a dent in at least one of the others.

 I encourage you today to think about what special creative project(s), or things that you know you need to do.... make your list and set for yourself  a goal to get them completed. But try to make the goal a realistic one.  May this be a year of completing some things that we have always wanted to do, but just didn't take the time. 
My question of the day is:  How many unfinished projects do you have lurking around your house?  Let me know so we can spur each other on and where I can find your list of unfinished projects!  If enough of you want to participate maybe there will be a little BLOG CANDY at the end of each month. 
Hugs and Happy Crafting!


Scrap Vamp said...

Becky, there are just too many unfinished projects lurking around my house; not only in my scraproom but the rest of the house as well! I have many albums to finish, a Tim Holtz configurations project, a quilted bulletin board, and a cricut cover I want to try making. I've posted a list of a few of the unfinished projects I want to complete on my blog!


Imaginative Me said...

I think it would be easier for me to count the FINISHED projects... now let me see there are... um... zero finished! See, that was easier!
Now the mini scrapbooks... are those like the one you made your secret santa that you showed me photos of? It was pretty awesome! I really need to get more of my paper printed so you can play with it.
love you tons! MOM!