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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day by Day at Walt Disney World!

Hello to everyone!  I had intended to do this day by day on my blog while I was AT Disney World, but there internet charges were outrageous!  I think that was about the only complaint I have about this magical vacation!  So you will now have to put up with me posting things day by day almost 2 weeks behind! 

Sept. 22nd. 

Wow! What a day!  Very Long Day!  Our plane left at 7 a.m. and we didn't arrive to Walt Disney World (WDW for future posts) until 5:30 p.m.  Our plane ride went very well and on the way from Dallas to Orlando I sat next to the sweetest lady.  We visited all the way which helped the last part of our trip to go by quickly.  The Magical Express bus met us at the airport, picked up our  luggage from baggage claim (now isn't that a nice perk!) and took us directly to our Resort.

I am so excited to be at WDW!  We're staying at Port Orleans Riverside Resort.  Upon arrival we went to our room and they had given us the wrong room!  Port Orleans Riverside has 2 parts to it.  Alligator Bayou and Magnolia Bend.  When I had booked our room I had requested that we be in the mansions which has a more traditional style rooms, while Alligator Bayou is more rustic lodge in theme.  As we were walking to our room I told my husband...I think they gave us the wrong room.  When we reached our room sure enough I was right.  It was also located on the second floor, with no elevator. I have a disability that when I get really tired I can hardly do stairs.  So we called the front desk and they said it would be quickest to go back to registration.  We traveled back and explained to them that I had booked our room in the Mansions and not at the Bayou.  With no questions asked they promptly switched our room.  We ended up on the 3rd floor in the Acadian House with a view of the river.  And yay...it had an elevator! 

As I was sitting outside after dinner...dear hubby was upstairs in our room...the horse drawn carriage pulled up out front and sat as if waiting for a princess to come out and get a ride under the full moon.

Here is where we are staying.

Port Orleans Riverside Resort
My Husband with a view of the mansions behind him

A view of our room.  Look at the cute Mickey Mouse Towels.

The view from our window

Acadian House lit up at night.

Thanks for following along on our day of travel!



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