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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day by Day at Walt Disney World! Not So Scary Halloween Party!

Evening Sept. 23rd

What a fun evening we have had!  We attended Mickey's No So Scary Halloween Party.  My dear husband and I wore the costumes of Jack Skullyngton and Sally.  When we were trying to decide what we wanted to be we had a hard time finding a matching pair of costumes!  We were surprised that not more adults were in costume.  We had lots of compliments from people there.  One girl in particular that was a cast crew member at Big Thunder Mountain got so excited that I thought she was going to run up and hug us!  We went straight to Adventureland upon arrival since we had finished the other side of the park during the day.  The lines were so short you could just walk right up and get on any ride you wanted.  We went on The Pirates of the Caribbean and they have added Pirate Jack Sparrow in a couple of spots on this ride.  My husband went down splash mountain, I was too chicken because of the drop!  I don't do rides that drop...they make me too shaky afterwards!  We then went on Big Thunder Mountain. While in Adventureland we met Captain Hook & Mr. Smee.

We were getting hungry and had decided to go find a place to eat and realized that they were roping off the street for the "Boo to You" Parade.   What a fun parade!  Wish I could remember all the words to the "Boo to you" song so I could sing it for my grandchildren!  About 5 minutes before the parade actually comes through the Headless Horsemen gallops full speed ahead down the road holding a lit jack o lantern out to the side in his hand.  We attempted to get pictures but he goes by so fast (plus we were learning how to use the new camera) they came out blurry.  When the Pirates of the Caribbean Float went by Jack Sparrow was on top!  As it went by he blew kisses and flirted with me!  When Captain Hook went by I "boo-ed" him and he looked over the side and held his hook up at me!  What fun!  To be able to just be silly!

After the Parade we got ourselves something to eat and then we were going to head over to the Haunted Mansion.  But the Fireworks show was starting.  We were still in Adventureland and not in front of the castle!  So we decided to head that way.  While on the way there my husband says "Becky...look over there!"  And there were all Seven Dwarfs together and they were taking pictures with people!  I just hopped in the long line to wait!  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is my FAVORITE movie!  Snow White was not with them however...but that's ok.

The Villains show was about to start when we got done so we headed to the Castle.  After the show all of the villains came down front for photo opportunities.  I got my photo taken with the Queen of Hearts and we did get pictures of all of the others...just not with them!

What an Evening!  Scott and I truly enjoyed ourselves and all the sights and sounds that were special for the Halloween Party!  Here are a couple final pictures from that night of the castle. I just loved this lighting and there's that Pixie Dust at work again...we had a full moon!




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Canadian Candy said...

what great pictures!! you look like you had a blast.. its too to know that adults can have fun there too!