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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day by Day at Walt Disney World! Day 7

Sept. 28th

Today we set off for a Supercalifragilistic breakfast with a few more of those celebrity characters.  We were welcomed at the Grand Floridian Resort, 1900 Park Fare by Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Alice and the Mad Hatter from Wonderland.  They were such a fun bunch to be around. 

I still have my Mary Poppins "barbie type" doll from my childhood!

Big Hugs from Winnie

Just like tigger...bouncy fun!

He really is Mad!

Sweet little Alice...but up to mischief!
After breakfast we traveled by monorail and bus back to Hollywood Studios.  We watched a stunt car crew and the producers make a mini film.  The producers were  very informative about the cars, stunt men and how they filmed and performed.  While in Hollywood we met Sully and Mike at Monsters, Inc.  We also were introduced to Lightning McQueen and Mator over at Radiator Springs.  We watched some stunts for Indiana Jones film making too. 
Had to scream for them!

We were getting ready to attend an block party with all of our new friends when a rain storm began so the party ended early.  We decided to head back to Port Orleans when we were caught in a down pour!  I was so thankful we had brought our umbrella...but we still got wet!

This evening we took in a Luau at the Polynesian Resort.  They had entertainment of hula dancers and several different tribal dances.  There was even one "king" that performed a dance with fire batons.  On a side note...I would not attend the Luau again.  The dancers were not authentic and the whole show was a little cheesy.  Plus it cost us 2 dinner tickets instead of 1.  Definitely not worth it...unless you want to drink beer...it is included.   :)  But since I don't drink  not worth your time in my humble opinion.

We came home very tired tonight.  I think tomorrow we will be heading back to the Magic Kingdom...and who knows where else!




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