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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day by Day at Walt Disney World! Day 4

Sept. 25th

This morning we got up early and made our way to the Animal Kingdom.  We were formally greeted on our arrival by Mickey & Minnie Mouse and their good friend Pluto.  While there we had breakfast at the Tusker. House in Africa with Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Goofy. What fun we had!  The breakfast ended with a traditional rhythm dance which I partook in...however the pics came out blurry.
Having fun with Mickey
Just Goofing Around
After breakfast we traveled the down the Camp Mickey & Minnie trail where we saw the Indian Princess Pocahontas.  She is so beautiful.  We later were entertained by a performance of the Lion King hosted by Timon and Simba.  What wonderful music, dance & acrobats!  The costumes were amazing! 

The Lion King is a must see if you are at Animal Kingdom.

We left Camp Minnie & Mickey and along the trail we were greeted by Thumper and Miss Bunny. Further along we saw Rafiki who is so full of like & a colorful character.  We went on to Kilimanjaro where hooked up with a Safari Party.  We really saw some wonderful animals on our Safari.  The African plains were full of life.  After our safari we then traveled to Asia and saw some beautiful birds and ugly bats...hanging upside down.  My husband got a special treat because while we were in traveling back to Africa he got to meet Balue Bear.  We saw so many things like the Tree of Life which is an amazing work of art.

It doesn't show up real well...but those are animal that are carved into the wood of that tree.  We also went underground and took a closer 3D look at a Bugs Life....what a lot of fun that was...except for the spitting part!  Our day at Animal Kingdom ended with a Jumping Jamboree Parade full of color and items that stretched your imagination.

We returned to Port Orleans and rested awhile before we went to Hollywood Studios that evening to see the Fantasmic Show...and was that ever Fantastic!  It was standing room only, but worth it.  It was filled with such creativity and beauty.

Another Fantastic Day in the World of Disney!  I can't believe tomorrow our trip will be half over!



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Divine Design said...

Hi Becky! Looks like you are having lots of fun in Disney world. Sorry I didn't reply to your comment about the junkitz store in reno. It's on Virginia going towards the big casinos. It's a big brick building in the corner about 4 blocks or so away from the court house. I hope this helps.