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Monday, October 4, 2010

Day by Day at Walt Disney World! Day 2

Sept. 23rd.

Just the two of us on Main Street with the Castle behind us.
Today was magical!  We went to the Magic Kingdom.  I was so excited to see Cinderella's Castle!  It is more grand in real life and just as pretty as in all of those pictures you see! Upon entering we had our picture taken at several places as we went down Main Street.  At WDW they have what is called Photo Pass.  You recieve a card and can have your picture taken by a photographer, your card is then scanned in and you can get copies of those magical moments...plus the photographers are more than happy to take a picture with your camera too! 

Before we even made our way down Main Street we were greeted by Pluto!  Talk about feeling like a kid again!  Pluto was my favorite character out of Mickey and the Gang!

A Big Hug from Pluto!

We began our adventure in the Magic Kingdom at Tomorrowland.  Here we rode Space Mountain which is an almost total darkness ride with only stars and then you enter a room where you are looking at Earth as if you are in space.  We played at Buzz Lightyear's Adventure and tried to hit targets as we were whirled by and took in the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor which was a very cute comedian act hosted by the voice of Mike Meyers.  We met Chip n Dale in Tomorrowland.  They were fun and  comical just like in their cartoons.

Being Silly with Chip n Dale

We then took the short walk to Fantasyland.  The first ride we came to was The Mad Hatters Tea Party.  I told my husband...I know this is a kiddie ride but I really want to go on it.  So as we were walking around to the side so we could get in line guess who was there....The White Rabbit!  My husband laughed at me because I got so excited!  After the ride was over White Rabbit was signing autographs and taking pics.  So of course I had to get his autograph and get a picture with him!

I'm not sure who this little boy is.  But as we were entering the line this little boy was talking to The White Rabbit and then they got in a tea cup and rode together!  What a special memory for that little guy!

Just me and the White Rabbit.  You can't tell I was excited!
Someone said that I had Pixie Dust with me on this trip because the day after this picture was taken they blocked off The Mad Hatter's Tea Party and you couldn't ride it.  I don't know if it was that they were doing maintenance or if it was due to the construction to a new part of the park that is being added.  But I was so glad that we got to do this.

By the time we finished with The Mad Hatter Tea Party it was time to leave Magic Kingdom and go to our dinner at The Wave located in the Contemporary Resort.  The food there was very good....and they even gave us a Complimentary Champagne for an anniversary toast!  After lunch we returned to our resort so we could rest a little and have time to get ready for "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party" that we would be attending that night.

What a magical day!  Tomorrow I will take you to the Halloween Party with me!  So just be like Alice and follow me down the rabbit's hole!



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