Honey Bunch

Monday, September 6, 2010


Where does time go? It seems just like yesterday and I was welcoming a beautiful baby boy into my arms to call me Grandma. And now he started kindergarten! With the blink of an eye he's in school! Here's some photos of him! The first is of course a scrapbooking layout I did of his birth, then we have him at that adorable preschool age of 3 and now look he's standing in front of his school building. He tells me he likes school and that they get to play on the playground. He says with pride in his voice "Grandma they have tater totters!" Of course he means "teeter totters"! Oh so cute! This Grandma couldn't be prouder! I plan on helping in his class with the arts and crafts days. What a new adventure for both of us!

3 years old!

Just a gentle reminder to me that time goes by so fast and that you can't stop it!  Helps me to remember that I need to slow down and enjoy each day because before I know it time will pass and I will wonder what have I been doing, why have I been stressing.  Reminds me of the my motto at the beginning of my new year....what will I create today?  I hope it will be cherished memories with the ones I love.




Jackie Anderson said...

Oh how darling!

Imaginative Me said...

How awesome! I went the the Grammar School! He's such a sweetheart, I bet he ends up a teacher's helper or something!