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Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Milestone - Preschool!

Hi everyone!  I have been meaning to post this for two weeks now but my life has just been so busy! My grandaughter Kaida is starting preschool!  I talked to her the day before she went to school and oh she was so excited!  She told me all about her new dress and that she had a backpack with glue in it!  Above is a Layout of her after her birth with her parents. and then here is a picture of her in her new dress...all excited...ready to go!  Again I can't believe that the time has arrived for this moment in her little life. Already 3 1/2 years old! Grandma calls her "my little lady bug." When I called her back and asked her how she liked preschool she says we had blue day today and she loves playing with her new found friends.  I know she will be my little social butterfly!  So full of life, love, laughter and caring.  Another milestone in the lives of my babies.  How this grandma wishes we lived a little closer.  They live within the same state, but it is a 4 1/2 hr drive.  Just enough distance that you have a harder time just jumping in the car and running over.  Oh the joys that these precious little ones bring into our life.  What blessing all of my grandchldren are to me.  Just another piece of life that can be cherished and remembered.

Hugs to all of my cyber and real life friends!  May your life be as richly blessed with happy pieces of life to cherish.


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Imaginative Me said...

She totally LOVES school! And poor Draven is sooooo sad that he doesn't get to go with her! She refers to schools as "we go see my friends?"