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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sorry you've been waiting so long...

and sorry to say the wait is not over.  :(  I really think that I have figured out what has been bothering me and shutting down the left side of my brain.  I am just too swamped and overloaded at this time to think straight, stop, relax, enjoy. 
Last Feb. I volunteered and teamed up with another lady at my church to take over the Women's Ministry.  That would mean there would be 2 leaders to oversee everything and we had a wonderful group of ladies that were on our team.  Well since Feb. we have had 4 of our team members move, one of them is working out of town at the moment, and my co leader has left the position.  Our Ladies events and groups only run throughout the school year.  But with that being said ....school is just a few weeks away.  I have had other women step up to the plate and offer to help...woo hoo!  But being new in this position I am feeling the pressure of getting things up and running.  We also have a more than usual hectic schedule.  We are having a back to school prayer breakfast on Aug. 23rd...which I am so thankful that the person whose idea it was has taken complete charge of this and is handling everything!  Then we are having our annual registration dinner is Aug. 27th.  This is where we have a dinner, introduce the women to what studies, classes and outreach events are going on for the remainder of this calendar year, and this year we have an added bonus event for our state district women's mini conference will be hosted by our church on Sept. 11th.  Don't get me wrong here I am  very excited about all of this happening....just a little overwhelmed with trying to get everything organized within the next few weeks!  So while you are waiting I will try to come across some things that I am enjoying looking at and pass them on to you so maybe you can be inspired.  Thanks for hanging in there with me...and I will be back!!  Hopefully it won't be too long!



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Scrap Vamp said...

Becky, don't worry. We'll be here when you "gat back." Things come up. I wish you luck in all you're doing!