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Monday, May 17, 2010

Just another Sunday!

I was hoping that I could make Sunday's a day of inspiration for my followers.  But I seem to have lost all inspiration this week.  Of course since it is actually Monday Morning....I guess all is good!  (laugh here!)  It seems like this last week has flown by!  They say time flies when you are having fun...so I must have had alot of fun this week...because time sure did fly by. 

I began a new creative project this week.  Trying something new and need to have it done by this coming weekend for a gift.  Hope that it turns out gift worthy.  I will post pics later.  Thanks to my friend in Ohio that has helped me in pulling this together and all of her patience with silly questions.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!  May not be back here again for a day or two...as I get to go shopping!  (well and I do need to finish the above mentioned gift!)



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