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Friday, April 30, 2010

Sketch # 02 - CROP ROOM II NSD

Hi Ladies...yes my blog is busy, busy, busy today with it being National Scrapbooking Day! Here is a sketch I have done.

 As I have said before.  My sketches are kept simple with just the basics...and I let you take the rest for your creativity.    This is for a 2 page LO.  I am sorry that my pages are not lining up next to each other.  I have added, deleted, resized and I just can't seem to get them to go where I want them to.  So to show you what this should look like, here is my example:

I made this LO for a swap I was in at The Crop Room II. I hope you enjoy this and have fun adding your own personal touches!! I think it is always fun to see what everyone else comes up with given a basic drawing and letting their creativity fly!
And for my CROP ROOM FRIENDS....I can't wait to see your LOs!!!  Feel free to switch, turn, flip flop to make this your own!!!


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