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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Dress

The Dress

Pictures of my ds wedding and my beautiful dil getting ready.  As she was getting ready the zipper broke on here dress.  I hid the journaling and this is what it reads:
The Journaling reads: As with all fairytales, there seems to be mishaps along the way. When Jessica was getting dressed her zipper got caught and broke. Her Father and Linda along with several others frantically tried everything to get it fixed. We tried to find seamstresses that could maybe sew a zipper in at the last minute. In the end we ended up safety pinning her dress to hold it together. But our bride to be was not daunted by this mishap, because she knew that her true love awaited her. And in the end it would be their love that held them together.

Hope you have a wonderful day...and remember sometimes fairytales do come true!



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Alyssa said...

Beautiful layout! Sounds like she took it in stride.