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Monday, March 1, 2010

Painting is finished!

Hey everyone the painting got finished today! I also had a scrapbooking class tonight that I teach. So needless to say I am so tired and my body is aching!
I took some pics tonight but since it was night the lighting was awful...so will retake them later and post.
I know you are all saying...I thought we were organizing ....not cleaning!! However, sometimes cleaning has to come before we can start organizing. I promise that organizing will be coming soon.
Today's challenge for you is this:

Do you have a pile of paper lurking around or maybe a file cabinet drawer that needs cleaned out? Go through it. I got through some (not all) of my file cabinet and actually ended up with one drawer empty! Boy did that feel good! Since I will be sharing this room with my dh and his computer and we have our office files in there I felt that those things needed to be dealt with too.

Tomorrow I have company coming in. We will have 3 extra adults and 4 children! Can't wait to see those grandbabies! Here is what I plan on getting done tomorrow so you can do this on Wed.
Washing my curtains and getting them hung up. I am spray painting the rods to a nickel finish since they are now brass and all my other items will be in nickel. I am going to spray paint the lids to all my jars too.

Hope your next couple of days are wonderful! My company will be leaving at some point on Thurs so will get to organizing then.

Until then....happy scrapping....you get a couple of days off....or well I guess not totally off I left you with a couple of items didn't I? LOL!

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PS....if you are just joining and want to see the other little things we have done you will need to look under Feb. posts.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Girl, you know I'm sooo revamping my scraproom!! I'm buying paint this weekend!! I cant wait to begin the journey to creating the perfect scraproom!! So what color is your room?

Smiles Angela H