Honey Bunch

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Makeover Update

Well ladies...now that you have had some time to play....here's your list of what we should have accomplished or at least attempted to.

1) Cleaned our Closet
2) Organized Sewing Supplies
3) Cleaned Shelves
4) Misc. Cleaning of Machines & smudges around room
5) Cleaned our Scrap Tables
6) Embossing Powders, Stickles, Glitter, & Tools
7) Ribbon
8) Paper

I won't post another challenge until this weekend. I know how time consuming getting our paper together is. I store mine in vertical cropper hopper holders by Color: ROYGBV -N (I add Neutral). My patterned paper is either by color or by type...holiday, baby, sports, some by mfg. etc. Will post a pic at the end of the week and another challenge. How do you store yours...any tips for that patterned paper?

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