Honey Bunch

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Makeover Update

Well ladies...now that you have had some time to play....here's your list of what we should have accomplished or at least attempted to.

1) Cleaned our Closet
2) Organized Sewing Supplies
3) Cleaned Shelves
4) Misc. Cleaning of Machines & smudges around room
5) Cleaned our Scrap Tables
6) Embossing Powders, Stickles, Glitter, & Tools
7) Ribbon
8) Paper

I won't post another challenge until this weekend. I know how time consuming getting our paper together is. I store mine in vertical cropper hopper holders by Color: ROYGBV -N (I add Neutral). My patterned paper is either by color or by type...holiday, baby, sports, some by mfg. etc. Will post a pic at the end of the week and another challenge. How do you store yours...any tips for that patterned paper?

Remember everytime you comment...your name goes in for my blog candy...the more you comment, the more chances!! ;)


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some creativity for you!

How is everyone's organizing coming along? Are you getting things done? Would you like a little break for some creativity? This week I was chosen to join the DT as a featured member on Scrapbook Challenges.com and partake in their sketch. The sketch is #192. As you can see I just had to make it a 2 pg spread!
The detailed view of the right side of the page.
This is a detailed view of the left side of the page.
My version in a 2 page spread.

And the original Sketch!

If you decide to do a LO based on this sketch, please leave a comment and a link back to your page... or you can upload it at ScrapbookChallenges.com.

Have a wonderful Day!



Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alice in Wonderland...or Training your Dragon?

Hey Hey to everyone! Before I give you guys this week's organizational challenge I would like to ask...

Have you seen the 3D version of Alice in Wonderland or How to train your Dragon? Wanting to go to both of them, but since we live in Small Town USA...we have to travel almost 200 miles to go to a 3 D Theatre. What are your reviews?

For the next few days the Organizational Challenge is Paper! I store mine vertically in the Cropper Hopper files. My cardstock is by color and patterned paper by theme or manufacturer. I need to really adjust my system a little. I keep my paper pads or kits together. How do you store yours?

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

God Bless!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So sorry that I haven't gotten another challenge posted. It seems this week has just been hectic. So the next challenge is Ribbon. How do you store yours?

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Saturday was a fun day with our 21 mo. old grandaughter. She is really getting to be a copycat. Today when I asked her if she wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, she looked at me and said "punner". So cute! She also tries to do exercises when you turn the music on.

We took her and our 5 yr old grandson to a fundraiser dinner and puppet show at the church last night. The kids loved it and the looks on their sweet little faces was priceless!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

We'll see what Monday brings...organizing...or playing!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Ok I forgot one!

Embossing Powders, Stickles, Glitter, and the tools we use with them.

Let me know how many you have got done!

Another Week Gone.

Wow! Where did this week go? I feel like it was just Monday and I was planning my trip to the city to go shopping!

Today and Saturday we will be having our grandson and grandaughter. So I really don't think I will be getting into my room and doing much organizing.

Here is what we have done if you are following this.

1. Cleaned our closet
2. Organized Sewing Supplies
3. Cleaned our shelves
4. Misc. cleaning of machines and smudges.

For this weekend I am going to challenge you to clean off your scrap table. I guess we all need a place to sit and organize before we can really organize anything else! Once it is clean, take some time to create something....just be sure to clean it up when you are done! Let me know if you got this done...or if you just skipped this process and created!

Have fun this weekend! I will be having fun getting lots of hugs, kisses, and special bonding time with my grandchildren....what better day is there than that?



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Well it is St Patricks Day. Needless to say we don't really celebrate it other than cook corned beef and cabbage. Maybe it's because we aren't Irish!

I can't believe this week is almost gone! I have still been organizing. If you should choose to do so organize the one thing that you can never seem to find...or are sure you have more of if you knew where they were! My biggest thing that I didn't realize I had so much of was brads. Leave me a comment as to what you have the hardest thing finding or that you know you have way too much of!

Happy St Patty's Day!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Room's Progress!

Hi there! Well I have been doing alot of painting and we are getting the room gradually put in place. I still have a long way to go in regards to getting all the little stuff moved in and finding homes for it. Here's what my room is like now! So excited and can't wait to be able to start putting in the decorative touches and actually use it!

For Saturday's challenge:

Do you have storage shelves in your space? Clean them off, reorganize and purge if needed.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's Play Day!

Hi Everyone! Boy you all have been so quiet! Does that mean we aren't following in getting organized?

Today is Tuesday and it is Play Day! I think I need to take a day off of all this organizing and give myself some time to be creative. I just got done doing a LO for a swap that I am involved in. I am hoping that I can get my sketch from it done and posted for everyone. I actually tried something new for me. I used stamps, and glitter. I know for alot of people that is something they do alot of...but I had never done it before, and I liked the results! Something I will probably be turning to again.

Be watching for a new LO and the sketch and directions to go along with it! Have fun playing today! Let me know what you did for fun today by leaving me a comment. (remember each time you comment puts your name into the drawing). So the more you comment the greater chance you have at winning! My giveaway is growing!



Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday's Challenge

How was your weekend?

Today's organizational challenge is:
Embossing Powders
and tools that go along with these.

Have Fun!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sewing Supply Challenge Completed!

Here are all my sewing supplies I have organized. I put all my thread with my bobbins in individual baggies. I recieved that tip from a good friend. No more guessing what bobbin goes with which thread. In my lace drawer I measured each length of lace as well as the width and put a small piece of paper with this info in the baggie. Hope this gives you some ideas. If you have any great ideas for organizing your supplies please let me know!

I haven't heard from anyone lately. Please leave me a comment on what you are needing. Tomorrow is Sunday so we will be taking the day off. Check this out on Monday for some organization projects...and let me know if you are organizing!

Til Monday!


Friday, March 5, 2010

The newly painted room.

Here is a picture of my newly painted room! The furniture area that you are seeing is my dh computer area and our office area. My area will be at the other end. I thought I would start moving some of my stuff in today...but after looking at the carpet we have decided to shampoo it. So tomorrow I will be renting a shampooer and getting that done. Then I can move things in! Woo Hoo!

I'm Back!

Hi Everyone! Well I had a wonderful time with my family and granchildren! I did get my curtains washed and hung....did you? I know I promised a picture and that will hopefully come tomorrow. Didn't have a chance with a houseful to get a new picture.

I didn't get any organizing done today. So tonight I will post the challenge for tomorrow. This may apply to some of you and some of you it may not.

Do you have sewing supplies? Today I want you to organize your sewing supplies! I am starting here because I know exactly what I want to do with them. Maybe you don't have sewing supplies but have another craft that you enjoy (besides scrapbooking). Organize those supplies. Leave me a comment when you get them done!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Painting is finished!

Hey everyone the painting got finished today! I also had a scrapbooking class tonight that I teach. So needless to say I am so tired and my body is aching!
I took some pics tonight but since it was night the lighting was awful...so will retake them later and post.
I know you are all saying...I thought we were organizing ....not cleaning!! However, sometimes cleaning has to come before we can start organizing. I promise that organizing will be coming soon.
Today's challenge for you is this:

Do you have a pile of paper lurking around or maybe a file cabinet drawer that needs cleaned out? Go through it. I got through some (not all) of my file cabinet and actually ended up with one drawer empty! Boy did that feel good! Since I will be sharing this room with my dh and his computer and we have our office files in there I felt that those things needed to be dealt with too.

Tomorrow I have company coming in. We will have 3 extra adults and 4 children! Can't wait to see those grandbabies! Here is what I plan on getting done tomorrow so you can do this on Wed.
Washing my curtains and getting them hung up. I am spray painting the rods to a nickel finish since they are now brass and all my other items will be in nickel. I am going to spray paint the lids to all my jars too.

Hope your next couple of days are wonderful! My company will be leaving at some point on Thurs so will get to organizing then.

Until then....happy scrapping....you get a couple of days off....or well I guess not totally off I left you with a couple of items didn't I? LOL!

Don't forget to leave a comment so I can enter your name again for the blog candy!



PS....if you are just joining and want to see the other little things we have done you will need to look under Feb. posts.