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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Scraproom Makeover: It has Begun!

Hi! To those of you that want to follow and maybe do the challenges here's your first days challenge. I will probably be posting as I get things done because I never know exactly what I will be doing for sure. LOL! But you can still partake. You will probably end up where I am unless you plan on painting and redoing your entire room. There is no exact time frame for when you get the challenges done. The main thing is that we are creating a space that will inspire us to create and so we know exactly where everything is.

So Here's a Couple of Pics from what I did today. 1) A View into the empty room below.

2)The closet. Has been cleaned out and reorganized. I can't believe I have all that extra space! I actually lost one shelf from what I had in the other room! As I move things in I will take pics of what it really ends up like. We removed the door and I will be getting a new one.

So my 1st challenge for you is to Clean, Organize, and Purge your closet.
When you are finished post a comment and let me know you got it done! That will put your name in for my blog candy drawing! Each challenge you complete will get your name in the drawing! The more you complete the more times you are entered to win!Thanks for taking the time to follow me on this exciting endeavor. I am not an interior decorator. So we will see what you all think when it's finished!



~ Grace ~ said...

I am sooo excited to see that you are moving it all in now... Painting tomorrow!!! Can't wait to see it!

Susan said...

This will be fun -- I have no time to organize along with you, but I will celebrate all that you are getting accomplished :)