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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Painting has started!

Hi! I am so glad to see I have some people actually following this! Today was a good productive day. After church my dh and I got the walls scrubbed and the trim painted. I hope that I won't regret painting the trim first! LOL! I can't wait to get the actual color on the walls. I didn't take a pic of the white painted trim...thought I would wait until we got all the color on the walls.

If you are game for a challenge this second challenge is an easy one. Look at your walls, doorknobs, light switch plates, machines. Are there smudges lurking around? If so go get a rag and wipe them up!

Will be back tomorrow with pics of the color! I'm not sure how much I will get done Tues through Thurs this week as we are have company coming so we will have to move the bed back in until they leave. Hopefully I will be able to accomplish something!

Have a great Monday!



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