Honey Bunch

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What a fun day today was! My husband and I went on a date to dinner and a movie in the city. While there I of course had to go shopping at my favorite stores! I think I have all the cubes I need for the scrap/craft room makeover and move. I am so excited and want to get in there and start organizing and purging! Getting things ready to move! The moving part will be the hard part and full of work. We are moving a bedroom to make room for my new scrap/craft room. But with this move it will be much nicer for guests when they come to visit and maybe me and my husband will spend more time together...well at least in the same room together! He will have his computer in their also, so while he is on his online game and I am creating we will have each other's company....we both have made comments wondering if we can handle this!

The create for today was a deeper relationship with my husband. Creating the time for us to enjoy life together.

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