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Monday, January 18, 2010

One of those weeks!

I have had one of those weeks that I wanted to be in my room creating everyday....but have not made it in there! I at times am feeling frustrated because I so want to make the time to scrapbook and craft. But I have had to sit down today and really look at what I did create this week in my life. I created a little more tranquil home for me and my husband, I have taken the time to be with just my husband, and I have taken time for friends and in doing so created a piece of background paper with glimmer mist! I also took the time planning for the Women's Ministry. I hope that through this week I have been able to touch someone's life and make their world a little bit brighter. After all that is what is valuable, to reach out and touch someone else.

So the next time you are feeling frustrated that you can't do the things you want to do. Take a minute and look at what you did. Were you able to touch a life and be grateful that you had that opportunity. We get so busy, that sometimes we forget it is the people in our lives that matter the most....not that list of what we want to accomplish.

I am going to keep working toward my creative artistic endeavors....but I must remember what is important along the way.


Have a fabulous week!


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