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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Aaah...Sunday! The one day of the week I look forward to every week. The day that I really try to set apart and unravel my brain from all the busy-ness of life. This is the day that I can go to the House of My God and really tune in to Him, rejoice with other believers, and get some much needed instruction. Now don't get me wrong here, my relationship with God is not just a one day event for me. But today is different.

Some of us due to work schedules may have to choose a different day. If you are like me your schedule is chock full of things to do and it never seems that there is enough time to get them all done. Do you ever take the time to rejuvenate your body and your mind? We have been instructed to take one day of rest in our week. A day that we can just relax. So go ahead put your feet up, read a good book, watch a movie or go to that special crafting or scrapping spot and enjoy yourself....maybe even take that luxurious long bubble bath! After all no one can do this for you. You must create the time and do it for yourself!

Have a relaxing, peaceful, day of rest!

Hopefully tomorrow I will have something creative to inspire you!



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Carol Sue Designs said...

Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing day today Becky! :)