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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Updating you!

Wow..has it really  been two weeks since I have been here?  Well as promised here is a few of the things that have been going on in my life since our vacation.

We returned from vacation and were thrown back into real life quick!  Our daughter in law went into premature labor at 25 weeks.  She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  His name is Draikaiden.  He weighed 1 lb. 6 oz. at birth...he is now up to 4 lb.  and is off the respirator.  I praise God that he has not had any major complications.  Just too little, and too early.  His mom jokes that he did not want to share his birthday with his brother and sister that are both the end of Jan. and first part of Feb.  He wanted a birthday all to himself.

Here's a a pic of him at birth and one taken about 2 weeks ago.

As you can see he has grown so much and looks so wonderful!  What a little miracle!

After his birth we brought his brother and sister home with us for a month.  We truly enjoyed having them here!  It was a great time of bonding for us.  Time to really get to know them.  They were so much fun...even though Grandma and Papa were "meanies" and made them take naps ...because Grandma needed the nap!  We had them through Halloween and got to take them along with our other grandon out trick or treating and to the church for the Harvest Party.   Here they are ...so sweet, cute, and full of life!

Our Grandchildren Dyllan, Draven and Kaida.

Happy Halloween!
Superman, Cinderella, and Bumblee!
We took Kaida and Draven home in November. We didn't get to go see the our new little guy because Grandma had caught a cold!  So it was a quick trip.  Before we knew it Thanksgiving was here.  We had a wonderful time with friends for Thanksgiving dinner.  There was enough food to feed an army!
I opted to not take part in the annual craft fair this year as there just hasn't been enough time.  Now I am wondering how I got things done before.  This season has been so hectic!  We made the 6 1/2 hour trip to see our little grandson the first weekend in December and we also got to see all of our sons while on this trip.  Seemed to be a whirlwind of a weekend but a good one none the less. The day after our return we had our other little grandaughter for 3 days!  She is so sweet and so precious!

 That brings you up to now...just getting ready for Christmas.  Decorating, wrapping, baking and getting the house clean for company.  So much to do and so little time.  I did manage to get some scrapping in and will share those creations with you I promise.  So hopefully I will be able to get back here shortly and share what I have been doing in my creative world.  There is one in particular that I am so proud of but I have to wait to share because it is a gift!

Hope you are all having a wonderful time this time of year and not getting stressed over all that we think needs to be done.  I keep reminding myself that this is a wonderful time and a time to give to those we love and those that are less fortunate. However, with that said...I want to carry this spirit throughout the year...looking for ways that we can give to others.

Hugs!...and fa la la!


Thursday, December 2, 2010


 Hi to everyone out there!  Sorry I have been MIA!  Thought I would just check in and say "hi" real quick.  My life has been a whirlwind since we got back from vacation.  Will try to update you with all that has been happening and some of the creative things I have been doing!

Hugs to everyone!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day by Day at Walt Disney World! Day 8

Wed. Sept. 29th

Aah the Magic Kingdom!  It truly is magical!  Today we were greeted by Pinnochio and he promised to not lie to me.  Then we took in the show and parade "Wishes Do Come True" at the castle.  Then we headed over to Liberty Square and took a ride on the Liberty Paddle wheel boat where we saw sights from Mark Twain's book "Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn".  Again another childhood favorite that my mother use to read to me before bed when I was little.

Once off the Liberty it was only a short walk to the Haunted Mansion where we rode through and saw ghosts dancing in the dining room and even taking a seat with us...among other things.  Disney's technology just amazes me!  We followed the trail and went on a Flight with Peter Pan and watched Donald Duck Make a mess of things with Mickey's Philharmonic Orchestra.

We had lunch at Wild Bill Pecos and after lunch were entertained by the Country Bears.  We also were invited to  a bird atrium at the Enchanted Tiki Room.  How wonderful those birds could sing!  We also visited Snow White's country and were retold the story of how the queen had tricked her.

We did a little more shopping and for dinner we ate at Tony's Town Italian Restaurant...the spot for Lady and the Tramp's first date.

There were 3 Parades today...1. Wishes Do Come True, 2. Celebrate it Shake It Party...which Scott & I went out and danced in the street, and the Electrical Parade tonight followed by fireworks!

Just remember to wish upon a star...and  your dreams may come true!  I know mine have!



Day by Day at Walt Disney World! Day 7

Sept. 28th

Today we set off for a Supercalifragilistic breakfast with a few more of those celebrity characters.  We were welcomed at the Grand Floridian Resort, 1900 Park Fare by Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Alice and the Mad Hatter from Wonderland.  They were such a fun bunch to be around. 

I still have my Mary Poppins "barbie type" doll from my childhood!

Big Hugs from Winnie

Just like tigger...bouncy fun!

He really is Mad!

Sweet little Alice...but up to mischief!
After breakfast we traveled by monorail and bus back to Hollywood Studios.  We watched a stunt car crew and the producers make a mini film.  The producers were  very informative about the cars, stunt men and how they filmed and performed.  While in Hollywood we met Sully and Mike at Monsters, Inc.  We also were introduced to Lightning McQueen and Mator over at Radiator Springs.  We watched some stunts for Indiana Jones film making too. 
Had to scream for them!

We were getting ready to attend an block party with all of our new friends when a rain storm began so the party ended early.  We decided to head back to Port Orleans when we were caught in a down pour!  I was so thankful we had brought our umbrella...but we still got wet!

This evening we took in a Luau at the Polynesian Resort.  They had entertainment of hula dancers and several different tribal dances.  There was even one "king" that performed a dance with fire batons.  On a side note...I would not attend the Luau again.  The dancers were not authentic and the whole show was a little cheesy.  Plus it cost us 2 dinner tickets instead of 1.  Definitely not worth it...unless you want to drink beer...it is included.   :)  But since I don't drink  not worth your time in my humble opinion.

We came home very tired tonight.  I think tomorrow we will be heading back to the Magic Kingdom...and who knows where else!




Friday, October 8, 2010

Day by Day at Walt Disney World! Day 5 & 6

Sept. 26 & 27th
A big hello to everyone that is following along our vacation!  Are you sick of hearing about this yet?  I promise once this is over I will try to post something that will inspire you...but hey maybe you are getting inspiration to be a kid again! 

Today I will combine a couple of days...because we really didn't do a lot on Sunday.  My husband arose early and went golfing at the Magnolia Golf Course while I slept in.  Can you believe he didn't take the camera?    When he returned we had to do the dreaded job of laundry since I packed light.  That night we called it our "official 25th Anniversary night".  We went to downtown Disney and had a marvelous dinner at Fulton's Crab House.  The food was wonderful!  Compliments of the chef was a clam dip with the  recipe and we got a piece of wonderful chocolate cake w/raspberry filling for dessert.  After dinner we did a little sight seeing and listened to the group DEEY-C.  Of course your on vacation...you buy the CD, and I got the lead singer's autograph. 

A fun night...and a change of pace for this vacation!

Monday Sept. 27th

 After having a relaxing day we were ready to get up early and head on over to Hollywood Studios.  Scott took the tour of "The Tower of Terror"...I in no way was going to be dropped 13 floors in an elevator!  He then went over and rode on the Rock n Roller Coaster that is accompanied by the music of Aerosmith. 
At Hollywood Studios they have several street performances that we stopped and watched.  We also took in a mini theatrical version of Beauty and the Beast, as well as a performance for High School Musical 3, and a very mini version of The Little Mermaid.  We went back to Epcot to have dinner by the Queen's invitation with Royalty at the Akershus Castle in Norway.  The Princess' that greeted us were Snow White, Ariel, Aurora, & Belle.  They were very welcoming and attentive to each guest.   We ate a traditional Norwegian meal called Kjakandke.  It was delicious and served with mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, and Logan berries.  After dinner we went on a hang glider called Soarin'.  Wow  I think this was my favorite ride.  You rode over the landscape of California...and could experience the smells.    We then went to Great Britain and listened to the band "The British Invasion".  They played lots of my Beatles tunes!  Then as we were walking through Canada they had  a band that was playing Celtic Rock. 

Akershus Castle
This was another long but fulfilling day!  On a side note...if you have little girls or are a girl at heart...I would definitely see the Princesses at Akershus! 

Just a few more days to go and we will be going home!  Wow the time is going by fast!



Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day by Day at Walt Disney World! Day 4

Sept. 25th

This morning we got up early and made our way to the Animal Kingdom.  We were formally greeted on our arrival by Mickey & Minnie Mouse and their good friend Pluto.  While there we had breakfast at the Tusker. House in Africa with Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Goofy. What fun we had!  The breakfast ended with a traditional rhythm dance which I partook in...however the pics came out blurry.
Having fun with Mickey
Just Goofing Around
After breakfast we traveled the down the Camp Mickey & Minnie trail where we saw the Indian Princess Pocahontas.  She is so beautiful.  We later were entertained by a performance of the Lion King hosted by Timon and Simba.  What wonderful music, dance & acrobats!  The costumes were amazing! 

The Lion King is a must see if you are at Animal Kingdom.

We left Camp Minnie & Mickey and along the trail we were greeted by Thumper and Miss Bunny. Further along we saw Rafiki who is so full of like & a colorful character.  We went on to Kilimanjaro where hooked up with a Safari Party.  We really saw some wonderful animals on our Safari.  The African plains were full of life.  After our safari we then traveled to Asia and saw some beautiful birds and ugly bats...hanging upside down.  My husband got a special treat because while we were in traveling back to Africa he got to meet Balue Bear.  We saw so many things like the Tree of Life which is an amazing work of art.

It doesn't show up real well...but those are animal that are carved into the wood of that tree.  We also went underground and took a closer 3D look at a Bugs Life....what a lot of fun that was...except for the spitting part!  Our day at Animal Kingdom ended with a Jumping Jamboree Parade full of color and items that stretched your imagination.

We returned to Port Orleans and rested awhile before we went to Hollywood Studios that evening to see the Fantasmic Show...and was that ever Fantastic!  It was standing room only, but worth it.  It was filled with such creativity and beauty.

Another Fantastic Day in the World of Disney!  I can't believe tomorrow our trip will be half over!



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day by Day at Walt Disney World! Day 3

Sept. 24th

In front of the fountains at Epcot

Today we ventured over to Epcot.  We went on the ride Mission Space...advanced version or orange I think it was called.  You go into this small area and are strapped into cockpit like seats with a monitor screen in front of you.  Before the ride began I began to hyperventilate.  In front of me was this monitor box that was black...and it looked like it had spiraling boxes.  I told my husband, "I can't do this, I need out!"  He of course said "Well it's too late now, just breathe!"  Once the monitor screen opened up to pictures I began to calm down.  For a moment though my heart was racing out of my chest.  In the end it was a fun ride!  I am such a baby when it comes to amusement park rides.  I think it comes from a too sheltered upbringing! LOL!

My husband in front of the Mission Space Building

We went to Mexico and rode the Three Caballeros boat ride, which was cute with the animation of Donald Duck.  Our favorite spot for the day was Norway!  We rode the Maelstrom Viking Ship and found the little history building very interesting.  Of course being of Norwegian decent, I was especially interested.  We had dinner at the Biergarten in Germany.  The food was excellent!  Wish I could find sauerkraut like that in the store!  They had entertainment of musicians and you could get out on the floor and dance.  However, we opted to just watch everyone else.  The Italian Pavilion was just gorgeous and I had to go shopping.  I ended up picking up some Prada Iris Cologne there.  yeah...I have found another fragrance I like! 


We also went to the USA and watched an interesting show with animated figures of Ben Franklin and Mark Twain.  I loved some of the quotes on the walls.  The room was the replica of the Oval Office.  Very Pretty!

The highlight of my day was ....yep you guessed it meeting another "celebrity"...I got to meet Snow White!  I got so excited and told her she was my favorite princess.  She asked me if I had seen any other princesses that day and I said...No you are the only one I care to see!

We stayed at Epcot until the Park closed.  The Illuminations Fireworks show was amazing!  After the fireworks show we went through The Seas with Nemo.  I was totally amazed at the 3D Technology and how they made Nemo and friends look like they were inside of a real fish tank!

One more day....I just keep pinching myself...because I can't believe I have got to meet Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs...a dream come true!  LOL....yep Disney brings out that little girl in you!

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho it's off to bed I go!

Catch ya tomorrow!



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day by Day at Walt Disney World! Not So Scary Halloween Party!

Evening Sept. 23rd

What a fun evening we have had!  We attended Mickey's No So Scary Halloween Party.  My dear husband and I wore the costumes of Jack Skullyngton and Sally.  When we were trying to decide what we wanted to be we had a hard time finding a matching pair of costumes!  We were surprised that not more adults were in costume.  We had lots of compliments from people there.  One girl in particular that was a cast crew member at Big Thunder Mountain got so excited that I thought she was going to run up and hug us!  We went straight to Adventureland upon arrival since we had finished the other side of the park during the day.  The lines were so short you could just walk right up and get on any ride you wanted.  We went on The Pirates of the Caribbean and they have added Pirate Jack Sparrow in a couple of spots on this ride.  My husband went down splash mountain, I was too chicken because of the drop!  I don't do rides that drop...they make me too shaky afterwards!  We then went on Big Thunder Mountain. While in Adventureland we met Captain Hook & Mr. Smee.

We were getting hungry and had decided to go find a place to eat and realized that they were roping off the street for the "Boo to You" Parade.   What a fun parade!  Wish I could remember all the words to the "Boo to you" song so I could sing it for my grandchildren!  About 5 minutes before the parade actually comes through the Headless Horsemen gallops full speed ahead down the road holding a lit jack o lantern out to the side in his hand.  We attempted to get pictures but he goes by so fast (plus we were learning how to use the new camera) they came out blurry.  When the Pirates of the Caribbean Float went by Jack Sparrow was on top!  As it went by he blew kisses and flirted with me!  When Captain Hook went by I "boo-ed" him and he looked over the side and held his hook up at me!  What fun!  To be able to just be silly!

After the Parade we got ourselves something to eat and then we were going to head over to the Haunted Mansion.  But the Fireworks show was starting.  We were still in Adventureland and not in front of the castle!  So we decided to head that way.  While on the way there my husband says "Becky...look over there!"  And there were all Seven Dwarfs together and they were taking pictures with people!  I just hopped in the long line to wait!  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is my FAVORITE movie!  Snow White was not with them however...but that's ok.

The Villains show was about to start when we got done so we headed to the Castle.  After the show all of the villains came down front for photo opportunities.  I got my photo taken with the Queen of Hearts and we did get pictures of all of the others...just not with them!

What an Evening!  Scott and I truly enjoyed ourselves and all the sights and sounds that were special for the Halloween Party!  Here are a couple final pictures from that night of the castle. I just loved this lighting and there's that Pixie Dust at work again...we had a full moon!




Monday, October 4, 2010

Day by Day at Walt Disney World! Day 2

Sept. 23rd.

Just the two of us on Main Street with the Castle behind us.
Today was magical!  We went to the Magic Kingdom.  I was so excited to see Cinderella's Castle!  It is more grand in real life and just as pretty as in all of those pictures you see! Upon entering we had our picture taken at several places as we went down Main Street.  At WDW they have what is called Photo Pass.  You recieve a card and can have your picture taken by a photographer, your card is then scanned in and you can get copies of those magical moments...plus the photographers are more than happy to take a picture with your camera too! 

Before we even made our way down Main Street we were greeted by Pluto!  Talk about feeling like a kid again!  Pluto was my favorite character out of Mickey and the Gang!

A Big Hug from Pluto!

We began our adventure in the Magic Kingdom at Tomorrowland.  Here we rode Space Mountain which is an almost total darkness ride with only stars and then you enter a room where you are looking at Earth as if you are in space.  We played at Buzz Lightyear's Adventure and tried to hit targets as we were whirled by and took in the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor which was a very cute comedian act hosted by the voice of Mike Meyers.  We met Chip n Dale in Tomorrowland.  They were fun and  comical just like in their cartoons.

Being Silly with Chip n Dale

We then took the short walk to Fantasyland.  The first ride we came to was The Mad Hatters Tea Party.  I told my husband...I know this is a kiddie ride but I really want to go on it.  So as we were walking around to the side so we could get in line guess who was there....The White Rabbit!  My husband laughed at me because I got so excited!  After the ride was over White Rabbit was signing autographs and taking pics.  So of course I had to get his autograph and get a picture with him!

I'm not sure who this little boy is.  But as we were entering the line this little boy was talking to The White Rabbit and then they got in a tea cup and rode together!  What a special memory for that little guy!

Just me and the White Rabbit.  You can't tell I was excited!
Someone said that I had Pixie Dust with me on this trip because the day after this picture was taken they blocked off The Mad Hatter's Tea Party and you couldn't ride it.  I don't know if it was that they were doing maintenance or if it was due to the construction to a new part of the park that is being added.  But I was so glad that we got to do this.

By the time we finished with The Mad Hatter Tea Party it was time to leave Magic Kingdom and go to our dinner at The Wave located in the Contemporary Resort.  The food there was very good....and they even gave us a Complimentary Champagne for an anniversary toast!  After lunch we returned to our resort so we could rest a little and have time to get ready for "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party" that we would be attending that night.

What a magical day!  Tomorrow I will take you to the Halloween Party with me!  So just be like Alice and follow me down the rabbit's hole!



Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day by Day at Walt Disney World!

Hello to everyone!  I had intended to do this day by day on my blog while I was AT Disney World, but there internet charges were outrageous!  I think that was about the only complaint I have about this magical vacation!  So you will now have to put up with me posting things day by day almost 2 weeks behind! 

Sept. 22nd. 

Wow! What a day!  Very Long Day!  Our plane left at 7 a.m. and we didn't arrive to Walt Disney World (WDW for future posts) until 5:30 p.m.  Our plane ride went very well and on the way from Dallas to Orlando I sat next to the sweetest lady.  We visited all the way which helped the last part of our trip to go by quickly.  The Magical Express bus met us at the airport, picked up our  luggage from baggage claim (now isn't that a nice perk!) and took us directly to our Resort.

I am so excited to be at WDW!  We're staying at Port Orleans Riverside Resort.  Upon arrival we went to our room and they had given us the wrong room!  Port Orleans Riverside has 2 parts to it.  Alligator Bayou and Magnolia Bend.  When I had booked our room I had requested that we be in the mansions which has a more traditional style rooms, while Alligator Bayou is more rustic lodge in theme.  As we were walking to our room I told my husband...I think they gave us the wrong room.  When we reached our room sure enough I was right.  It was also located on the second floor, with no elevator. I have a disability that when I get really tired I can hardly do stairs.  So we called the front desk and they said it would be quickest to go back to registration.  We traveled back and explained to them that I had booked our room in the Mansions and not at the Bayou.  With no questions asked they promptly switched our room.  We ended up on the 3rd floor in the Acadian House with a view of the river.  And yay...it had an elevator! 

As I was sitting outside after dinner...dear hubby was upstairs in our room...the horse drawn carriage pulled up out front and sat as if waiting for a princess to come out and get a ride under the full moon.

Here is where we are staying.

Port Orleans Riverside Resort
My Husband with a view of the mansions behind him

A view of our room.  Look at the cute Mickey Mouse Towels.

The view from our window

Acadian House lit up at night.

Thanks for following along on our day of travel!